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Release the negative…

I was experiencing some rather negative energy on the weekend, so I decided to take it out on yarn and needles…




I still have to get working on that sweater repair. Seriously… Last time I work with solid black!


I’ve really gotta stay out of stores with yarn…

So I had some time to kill…

Yeah, that’s always when it happens! Lol I was up in Haliburton for an appointment. Mom wanted me to print off some pictures while I was up there. I had to wait 20 mins. So I wandered down to Jan Knit’s Studio…

Oh my goodness! The yarn that she has is BEAUTIFUL! She was so friendly too. She was showing me how to knit beads into a scarf. We had a nice little chat. I think that may become a hangout when I start school πŸ˜‰

I hopped into V&S and picked up another ball of sock yarn. I saw some new Boa yarn too, which really excites me! I also got some more fabric for another batch of RSD Awareness Quilt patches.

Right now I’m still repairing that sweater. I have recently discovered that I need colour. I don’t enjoy working with black at all. That’s going to be phased out!

Better git ‘r done… So I can rip into my new yarn! Lol

I’m keeping these ones!

I’m certainly keeping these ones! I fell in love with them when I was knitting them. The fact that they’re ankle socks make them even more appealing. And as an added bonus, it only took one ball when it called for two. Soooo… Another pair will be going on the needles for sure! I do have a few things I have to do before I start the next pair. But just watch how fast those ones will get done up! Lol


This past week has been CRAZY!!!

I did work on the other stretchy rainbow sock. I got into the groove so much that I actually did two pattern sets (8 rows) more than I was supposed to! Lol

A friend of mine called me up. She works at a nursing home. They used to have a quilting program there for the residents (putting that thought on the back burner because I’d love to help start that up again someday). There was a couple of bags of fabric they found when they were cleaning and were going to throw it out. So she asked me if I wanted it. Uh, YEAH!!! When I opened it up, I found some pillows that just need some more stuffing and be closed. The big one is that there is a tie-down quilt that just needs binding. So I’m going to finish them up and donate them back πŸ™‚

I also spent from Tuesday afternoon and the rest of the evening filling out a bursary application for funding for school. Yowza! I had to get some support letters to attest to my situation and why I need the money. It just blew my mind how willing people were to write these for me and the absolutely wonderful things they had to say about me. I am so grateful for the support that I have received, particularly in the past 2 yrs. I won’t go into great detail at this point (but may down the road), but can you believe that my baby boy and I were living woman’s shelter 2 yrs ago at this time?

My little man got sick on Friday. I was supposed to be taking off for a wknd of scrapbooking fun, but that didn’t happen. He is feeling better now, thank goodness. So much so that I’m feeling that the word “why” should in fact be considered a four letter word…

Today I plan on finishing up the toes on a few different socks. Then I have to finish up working on a sweater repair. I’m hoping to have it done for Thursday’s Sew Resourceful class. Another busy week ahead. I really do love the fact that all this “busy” is positive. Yep. Life is good πŸ™‚

My current love

I know we artists can be finicky at times. We have a love affair with something that we are working on. Then once it is complete, we fall in love all over again with what’s next on our agenda. Now that I think about it, these are love affairs that would very rarely end up in heartbreak… Hmmm… The prospect of NEVER being dumped by something one loves so deeply is pretty appealing, eh? You can’t disappoint it or let it down. You don’t have to worry about it being unfaithful. And you will never have the question in your mind as to wether or not it’s going to call!

My current love affair is with these socks that I’m working on. I LOVE how the colours are taking shape. Methinks I will be holding onto the these socks myself. I will probably end up buying some more of the same yarn and making some to gift or sell! This yarn is really exciting to work with. I love that!

Fibre Arts Program here I come!


I received a confirmation email and an acceptance letter dated March 4, 2011 (which also happens to be my son’s birthday) that I have been accepted to the Fibre Arts Program at Fleming College starting in September!!!! To say that I’m excited is a serious understatement!

Do I know what I’m going to do with it once I’m finished? Nope. That’s the whole point of going! I’m following my heart and my passion. A career that I will love and stick with will present itself when it’s ready.

It’s been a crazy week around here. I managed to get 11 patches done and sent for the RSD Awareness quilts. I sent off some bibs that I made. I’ve been working on socks too.

I’ve taken a new approach to sock knitting. I have Crafty ADD. I sometimes get bored easily. One of the many reasons I’ve got a ton of UFO’s flying around here (hehehe…pun!). So I’ve decided rather than fight it, I will embrace it. As mentioned in a past entry, I went out and bought a bunch if yarn to make some socks. I will knit a sock out of one colour and finish it. Then move on to the next colour. “Technically” I have finished a project (in my mind anyway) once I have finished a sock. I am on sock knitting fire these days. And that’s probably why. And now you have an idea of what it’s like inside my head! Lol

RSD Awareness quilt patch

Crafty ADD