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Catching up – Textile Embellishment Parts 1 and 2

Well then… I thought I’d be able to catch up last week. Think again! Laura warned me that this week is going to be even crazier. It seems like since we got back from reading week, the workload has really increased. But hey, I was actually expecting it to be this intense a lot earlier in the program. So… bonus!

I didn’t do so hot on some of the pieces last week. I really did get left behind when it came to the design element. Truthfully, it could have been broken down a bit more for those who really have no previous artistic experience. Like what the hell is a focal point in art terms? Where does it go? That textbook that we’ve cracked twice would have REALLY helped if we were directed towards the right place to go. Laura finally did that. I kept telling her that I am struggling with the “art” part of things. So she remedied that πŸ™‚ She showed me what to read in order to wrap my head around stuff. Then she challenged me to apply it to my projects. It was awesome! I really appreciate her taking the time. She is the kind of instructor that, if you ask her a question and show interest in the topic, she will do whatever she can to help that light click on.

So here is the yardage that I was speaking about a couple of weeks ago. This is designed to create awareness about emotional abuse:

The colorway (in other words, same print, different colours)

First free motion project

Second free motion project

More free motion fun… These are both coloured in with thread. Colouring with thread is way more fun than crayons! πŸ˜‰

Little pieces of fabric cut up and placed on water soluble stabilizer. I added another layer of stabilizer, did some free motion sewing, washed the stabilizer away and got this…

Some “findings” under some tool with free motion sewing on top. This was a blast to do!

This week we are working on a 2D and 3D project. I am making a vest for mine. I won’t go into detail as of yet. I’m hoping the recipient will skip the next few entries about my project. I don’t think she reads my blog anyway. It’ll be my luck that she’ll start now! lol

I got one sock down. Five more to go! Hopefully the woman that ordered them still wants them… If not, Normy was eyeing them up lol

I will do my best to keep posting. It sure hasn’t been easy. I got thinking more and more about my blog and how to back it up. I think I’m ultimately going to make a scrapbook. I think that’s the easiest way πŸ™‚


And now, back to our scheduled programming…

Had a successful week this week with getting my OSAP documents in for school. Only 80 more days until school starts! (I apologize to those who like the summer…. I’m an autumn person, so I’d be pumped about September regardless of if school was in the picture or not!)

On a side note… Apparently my autocorrect isn’t working for some reason. Normally I would be cursing it, but I’m kinda missing it! Lol

So it seems I have had the urge to work on things other than what I’m “supposed” to be working on. I made some dishcloths for my brother. I also made a bag …


I’m not quite sure why it is. I am in the process of tying up some loose ends from my “old life” and I think it’s possibly related. If I have the urge to work on something, I’m no longer denying it. Fortunately, my orders aren’t due until Christmas season. I still plan on having them done by the end of August. The last thing I want is to be rushing when I’m in school. So back on track I go.

I also have 3 pairs of socks to add to the three (four including Goob’s) sweaters I have on order. This is exciting!

I’ve really gotta stay out of stores with yarn…

So I had some time to kill…

Yeah, that’s always when it happens! Lol I was up in Haliburton for an appointment. Mom wanted me to print off some pictures while I was up there. I had to wait 20 mins. So I wandered down to Jan Knit’s Studio…

Oh my goodness! The yarn that she has is BEAUTIFUL! She was so friendly too. She was showing me how to knit beads into a scarf. We had a nice little chat. I think that may become a hangout when I start school πŸ˜‰

I hopped into V&S and picked up another ball of sock yarn. I saw some new Boa yarn too, which really excites me! I also got some more fabric for another batch of RSD Awareness Quilt patches.

Right now I’m still repairing that sweater. I have recently discovered that I need colour. I don’t enjoy working with black at all. That’s going to be phased out!

Better git ‘r done… So I can rip into my new yarn! Lol

I’m keeping these ones!

I’m certainly keeping these ones! I fell in love with them when I was knitting them. The fact that they’re ankle socks make them even more appealing. And as an added bonus, it only took one ball when it called for two. Soooo… Another pair will be going on the needles for sure! I do have a few things I have to do before I start the next pair. But just watch how fast those ones will get done up! Lol

My current love

I know we artists can be finicky at times. We have a love affair with something that we are working on. Then once it is complete, we fall in love all over again with what’s next on our agenda. Now that I think about it, these are love affairs that would very rarely end up in heartbreak… Hmmm… The prospect of NEVER being dumped by something one loves so deeply is pretty appealing, eh? You can’t disappoint it or let it down. You don’t have to worry about it being unfaithful. And you will never have the question in your mind as to wether or not it’s going to call!

My current love affair is with these socks that I’m working on. I LOVE how the colours are taking shape. Methinks I will be holding onto the these socks myself. I will probably end up buying some more of the same yarn and making some to gift or sell! This yarn is really exciting to work with. I love that!

On The Needles Today

I’m not sure if I’m going to keep them, gift them or sell them. I know I went on a rant about it being about time I make something for me… Now that I think about it, everything I make is for me. Because I get enjoyment out of making it! πŸ™‚

The Yarn I Said I Was Going to Get

Well, I did it. I splurged and picked up some quality sock yarn in colours that I like! Whether or not I keep them all, I don’t know. Doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I have yarn!! WOOT!! And the opportunity to try out some new patterns to see what works best.

On a related note… I bought the yarn at V&S here in Minden. It feels good to support local businesses. I’ve spoken to the owner. He is so nice. He does really well keeping his craft dept. prices competitive. I didn’t realize this until not too long ago. If you go out of town, by the time you factor in gas money, is it really worth it? There are some things that are. But I’ve learned to not automatically assume that bigger centres have better prices. Yes, there are some shops here in town that price gouge. They’re the ones who ruin it for the ones that are trying to stay competitive. I have been making a conscious point that if I run across a good local deal, my Facebook friends know about it:-)