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The Fire

I was in my favorite yarn store yesterday. I picked up some bright, fun roving to spin and some yarn for a hat that I’m making for a friend of mine. (I was a good girl… I didn’t pick up anything I didn’t “need”, as difficult as it was!)

When I went to check out, I started talking to the co-owner (it’s a husband and wife team). I had said that I couldn’t wait to spin that roving up. He said said no doubt, it’s exciting because you never really know the results you’re going to get until you actually start spinning it. I agreed. That is so exciting! Then he said something along the lines of “I envy you and my wife. When I get up in the morning, I putter around. I go out to my garden, I work in my wood shop but I don’t really have anything in particular that I want to do. When you two get up in the morning, you KNOW what you want to do. You sit down at your wheel, forget to have breakfast. But you love what you’re doing.”

He is sooooo right!

That got me to thinking about how very fortunate I am to have found my passion when I have. Sure I could have found it earlier if I was in the right place at the right time. But I’m just so grateful I have found it now! Spinning and stitching are my life! It pays the bills. Provides gifts from the heart. It provides an outlet to deal with the residual garbage in my life. It centers me.

A friend got in touch with me the other day, asking me to call her mom. She wanted me to teach spinning. So I called her. It turns out it wasn’t for her. It was for her 11 year old granddaughter. I was ecstatic to hear about somebody so young wanting to learn how to spin! I’m not a professional by any means and I told her that. But I will pass on what I know. The more people that spin in this world, the happier it will be!

I hope that what I show her will help stoke her fire. And I hope that that fire keeps burning and she keeps it stoked. My life would have been so different if I had have taken this path sooner. I wouldn’t change things, but I know I would have had a lot more outlets to deal with life.

But I am BEYOND GRATEFUL that I have the fire now 🙂


I’m in Hookin’ Love!

Just a quick note…

I finally cracked and bought the pattern for Crocodile Stitch Boots from Bonita Patterns. I’d been dragging my heels because I don’t usually purchase from designers who charge for different sizes of the same pattern. But she bundled all 3 sizes for $10. And next week is my birthday. And I’ve been drooling over these patterns for months. Sooooo….

The experiences I’ve had recently with so many designers who are new-to-me, a majority of them have been really disappointing. It’s mostly gauge issues, but there have been some sizing issues as well. So it is with great reluctance that I purchase from somebody that I have not purchased from previously. I know I’m not alone on this!

Last night I picked up my hook and things were going well. Then I hit a wall. I’ll admit that the “colourful” language came out. I figured “Here we go again… Ugh…” So I figured I would scroll down to another size to see if it was explained any different. Well, I just had to scroll down a little bit because the answer was at the top of the next page!

This pattern is so well written and clearly explained with the help of photographs. She did an AMAZING job with this pattern. I’m a so impressed and would recommend to anyone! It’s a little on the advanced side, but if you’re a patient beginner, I’m sure you could figure it out.

I think she’s ending the sale tonight. Even if you don’t get in on the $10 action, I would say that this pattern is so amazing that I would even buy the sizes separately!

A Random Act of Kindness… The Pay Back :-)

Two months ago, my son and I received one of the BIGGEST random acts of kindness anyone could ever ask for. If you want to catch up, here’s the link.

Today was my son’s followup appointment (this time there was no vomiting and he arrived with his glasses 😉 ) After what this kind soul had done for us, I felt compelled to do something in return. So I decided to make her daughter a Spiderman hat. It just occurred to me last night at about 11pm that today was his appointment. So I figured I would challenge myself. And sure enough…

I have to say that I am rather proud. I don’t know if I could always crochet that fast, but I did when it counted!

The ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL news of the day… My son doesn’t need surgery! The glasses are working like a charm and all is well. We have to go back every 6 months, but I’m totally okay with that!!!!

If you would like to make a Spiderman hat of your own, check out this link.

Well said! A “Hooker’s” wish list 😉

crochet pattern reviews

So, it’s looking like writing pattern reviews will be a little difficult during the busiest time of the year.  The cooler weather and the holidays fast approach and I’ve had a sudden influx of orders.  This is great for me but not so great when I get a request for an item that I’ve never made from a particular designer before.  Why is that no so great?  I’ve got an order, right?  Well, it can be a real bummer when I find out, after struggling and cursing and frogging and cursing some more, that the pattern is so poorly written that I’ve just wasted precious time I could have used to actually complete an order and have it shipped out.

Too often in the last month, I’ve come across patterns that are completely useless to me.  More often that not, I end  up revising the pattern myself and hope for…

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You’re Lucky You’re Cute!

I’m not going to lie. It SUCKS when my son has to go for the weekend. It’s way too quiet.

I swear our kitty, Charlie (CharChar), has taken it upon himself to at least help to try to fill that emptiness. I can’t sneeze without him when my Sweet Pea is gone. He cries for him. He lays beside me. He lays around my shoulders or cuddles up against my leg. Then he usually makes his way up to bed where he either sleeps on my pillow or snuggles up very close to me. (Last night was an exception… I think he was a little too comfy on the couch and didn’t want to get up!) The little brat is also notorious for jumping up on MY spot on the couch when I get up to get a drink. Yes, he’s lucky he’s cute! He also like to cuddle with “The Guys” (Little Mickey and Pooh) when my Sweet Pea isn’t here…

The greeting, after a looooong weekend away (this happens every time)…

I won’t go into detail, but yesterday there were some pretty stressful events that went down. Rather than let those thoughts about not being able to do anything about the situation in the moment consume me, I decided to shift my energy elsewhere to something I CAN control. What’s my favorite method/tool for shifting gears? My spinning wheel. And after the two days that I spent up at the college this week, that just got me wound up even more (pardon the pun! hehehe)

So last night I pulled out a chair from the table. I got my wheel and set it up. And as I turned around, this is what I saw…

Okay buddy. That’s fine. I’m just going to pick out some roving to work with. It would seem that I need your approval now?

Don’t even THINK about it! Get away from that roving you brat cat!

“I’m not touching it! I’m not touching it! You can’t give me trouble because I’m not touching it!” It’s true. While he did stare it down, not once did he touch it. I think he knows better now. His little kitty butt would be going straight into kitty time out!

I swear CharChar KNEW that a bunch of us needed a laugh. Some of my friends had also had a rough day. I posted his antics and I think he brought quite a few smiles. I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful, crazy kitty!

Once he realized that I had to vacate my spot on the couch in order to spin, he curled up and had a nap. But not before he ran around every floor in the house! So when I was able to actually start spinning, this is what I got…

My sweetie made me post this to make my Facebook friends drool. I figured I’d better comply since he bought me the wheel and all LOL

And this is what it turned into…

I had no idea it was going to turn out THAT pretty! I may have to go get some more of that roving! The cool part is that the way this roving was structured gave me an idea on how to set my own up to get similar results with different colours. Now that I have that jar for sun dyeing, I may just have to play.

I’m off to spin some more.

Happy Spinaversary! One Year Later…

It was a year ago yesterday, September 13, today that I first sat down at a spinning wheel (in this lifetime anyway!). I just started spinning. It’s like I had been doing it my whole life. The other part of it is that until I did, it felt like there was a part missing from my life. I have totally fallen in love with spinning! I find it so relaxing, so meditative. It really is my happy place.

So it was more than fitting that I spent my first “spinaversary” with the very same person who introduced me to it, in the very same room I touched a spinning wheel for the very first time. I had sent Wendy a message back in August offering to help out if she needed me. So I spent yesterday and Tuesday at the college, helping out this year’s Fibre Arts students. What a honour! They are just a lovely bunch of women. I hope to get up there to say hi every once in awhile. I am certainly planning on going to their final show. I’m quite excited about that!

I’ll tell you, it was really cool to be there to see them spinning for the first time. There were a few that decided that spinning just wasn’t their thing. But there were also some that did quite well. I hope that they will continue with it and find the joy in it that I have.

I also asked Wendy a few more questions about the OHS (Ontario Handweavers and Spinners) Master Spinner Program. I really think I would like to take this. She told me that they won’t be starting a new course for 2 more years. That’s fine. It’s a 6 year program, so I really want to be sure that I want to commit to it. Oh, who am I kidding? We already know how that is going to go!

I would LOVE to build up my skills as a spinner and help keep the tradition alive by passing it on to others. The world would be a much happier place if we just took a step back and remembered our roots. We live in some crazy times, but really our society is spoiled. If you want a ball of yarn, you just go out to the store and get it. In the grander scheme of things, it really wasn’t all that long ago when you HAD to spin your own yarn because that’s just the way it was. Now we have the option. If we don’t keep these traditions alive, they will fade away.