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Innovations Week

Well, this is it. The last week of my course. I am a combination of excited and sad (more excited though). I have worked so hard to get here. Worked so hard while I was here. Now what?

Now it is time to apply what I have learned and work on the new skills that I have acquired. My plan is to set up a daily schedule to include time to work, time to practice and time to enjoy with my little man. I can do this. My goal is to build up an inventory and hopefully start doing some shows within the next year. I would also like to start up an online store as well.

This last week we’re working on our “Innovations” project. I know there are going to be some out there that won’t agree with my choice, and if you’re one of them, please know that this is part of my healing process. I also want to say something with this piece too, to bring awareness to situations that society tries to sweep under the rug. If I stay silent, then I can’t complain if nobody knows my plight (or the plight of so many others).

I’m not going to post all of the details at once. I will do it as I go. So right now, after I finish this post, I will be going back to the classroom to spin some yarn. I have one colour to represent my little man and one colour to represent me. I then plan on knitting them together to show the strength and fabric of our little family.

To be continued….


Assignment: The Creative Impulse

I have decided that I am going to share some of the assignments that I have completed. This will give anyone who is curious about the fibre arts course I’m taking even more insight as to what is being covered 🙂

Creative Impulse really is something that I find difficult to put into words. It’s one of those topics that, unless you have surrendered to it, I don’t feel that a person truly understands it. One of the many beautiful things about it is that when you do encounter somebody who has also experienced it, quite often there is an immediate connection. There is even a different type of communication. You speak, but the person (or people) you’re speaking with “gets” you on a whole other level. I also think that these people look at your work and understand it in a way that those who don’t nurture their creativity are unable to understand. I say this because I have been on both sides. It has only been within the last couple of years that I have truly understood this.

Until I started giving in to my creative urges, I never really appreciated art the way I do now. Sure, it was pretty to look at. But I never actually looked at it and contemplated it. I didn’t get that the piece I was looking at was a window into the creator’s soul. I had no idea just how personal art can be. I never understood that the creation in front of me contained the energy of that person who created it. Now, to me that is a big thing. I find it easier to tap into the energy of the piece and it is easier to understand what the artist is saying. I’m not saying that you have to be an artist yourself in order to understand this. However, I do believe that one needs to allow their own creativity to surface in order to wrap their head around a piece.

The creative impulse is something that is within all of us. Sadly, it is also easily trained out of us. The book speaks about how we all “try to shape materials in our environment into artistic creations.” Unless there is somebody in our young lives that encourage us to create and helps nurture this, it is something that can be easily lost. It’s also not something easily recovered. Children are so fragile. If you don’t help to feed the fire within, it will eventually extinguish. With me, all it took was a bad mark in art or creative writing class to make me believe that I wasn’t creative. My early elementary school teachers did nothing to encourage my creativity. I never received any encouragement from the adult figures in my life in the ways of drawing, other art mediums or creative writing. As time went on, I found these classes very painful because I had it in my head that I wasn’t any good at it. By the time I had encountered a teacher who did try to encourage me, it was too late. I didn’t even take art in high school. What was the point? I wasn’t creative. I now realize just how delicate and finicky the creative impulse can be. It’s like a fragile little seed. It needs to be nurtured and protected until it is strong enough to stand on its own. Once that happens, creativity can blossom and keep growing.

Many artists referenced in the book speak about something that is bigger than us. They speak about the “unseen”. For example, Paul Klee stated in his Creative Credo that “visible reality is merely an isolated phenomenon latently outnumbered by other realities.” Joseph Raffael left the hustle and bustle of New York for a much more peaceful place on the Cote d’Azur. He declared that the beauty of his garden with flowers, fish and birds are “entry points into an invisible reality.”

I fully agree with these artists. I feel that once you allow the creative impulse to take over, magical things happen. Sometimes one can get so drawn into their work, that it’s comparable to a meditative state. With myself, I have been blown away with some of the things I have created. When I stand back and admire my work, quite often I think things such as “Where did this come from?” or “I didn’t know I could do that!” The ideas flow, one after another. I have no idea where they come from. You can choose to capture them or you can just ignore them. I also feel that the more you capture these ideas and work with them, the more ideas will come to you. If you allow that door to remain open, great things will appear. You just have to allow it to happen. When I get on a creative role, it’s not uncommon for me to get chills. These are the same kind of chills one might get from watching a happy movie or hearing a touching song. To me, that is an indicator that I am on the right track. I am getting approval from whomever or whatever may have put the thought in my head in the first place.

Another beautiful thing about the Creative Impulse is how if you allow it, it will work with you to allow you to express it. Auguste Renoir had developed arthritis in his hands. It caused him excruciating pain to continue his work. He was so passionate about his work, that he found a way around it. Since he was unable to hold the brush, he strapped it to his hand. He was able to continue with his painting. If your passion is that strong, the Universe will find a way to help you keep that fire going. Always. You just have to believe.

I believe that Creative Impulse has some other components to it. There is the obvious creative aspect. But there is more to it. I also believe that you need to have the passion to create. I think you have to love what you’re doing in order to be truly successful. There is also the spiritual side as well. When I say spirituality, I’m not speaking of religion. I believe that when we open up the door to our creative impulses, we are communicating with our higher selves. We’re giving our soul a chance to say what it has to say.

The creative impulse is a gift. Some choose to use it, others ignore it and many have no idea what they have been given. I am so grateful that that door has been opened for me. When I’m creating, I feel more at home anywhere than I ever have. Creativity is allowing yourself to walk through that door to “home”.

The book I’m referring to is our textbook, The Art of Seeing. So far, I’m really not impressed with this book or the pretentious, narrow-minded views expressed by the authors. Perhaps that will change.

Day 9 – WEAVING!!!!!!

You want to talk about a rewarding art form!

Did you know that half of the work in weaving is setting the loom up? No kidding! I have always admired weavers. But now I hold them in a whole new respect.

First of all, you have to “warp the yarn.” It is a crazy process of counting, measuring, having to be so aware of what you’re doing. You start off by wrapping yarn around pegs. How much you have to wrap depends on how long and how wide you want your warp yarns to be (warp yarn is the yarn on the loom). You have to be so careful that you have counted right or else you end up with problems (my group’s problem is that we had 4 strands too many. Now we have to move the shuttle through one of the loops in order for it to wrap around the end. No biggie… lesson learned!). You have to then carefully move it over to the loom. There’s more counting and sorting and assuring that everything is in the right place. It makes a difference if it isn’t. This really is at least a two person process.

After figuring that stuff out, you then have to actually start weaving. You have to keep track of which pedals are which and what ones you use in which combinations. It sounds crazy, but ah, the perfectionist was pleased she finally had somewhere to contribute! You can have multiple shuttles going. When I left today, I had two going. I have to go back in for 8:30 tomorrow morning.

So now I have another goal. The satisfaction won’t just stop at the spinning of wool. Nope. I want to spin the wool and then make the fabric! Why can I see myself extracting silk from cocoons down the road? It’s going to happen, isn’t it?

Inner thought dialogue: Wow. I am so getting why this is appealing to me! This is THE outlet for the critical perfectionist part of me! If you don’t have EVERY little detail right, you screw up. And every time you screw up, you learn how to fix it. Not a big deal. It’s all part of the process. When you know how to fix it, you can use your errors as an example to show others ideas on how to fix it. And they will share their experiences. What a great way to build a community! This can apply on so many levels!*

This is REALLY Happening!!!! :-D

Wow. I can’t believe today is here already. Today is “Clean up loose ends day” here in Casa de Ky.

I have to take my WHIMIS test (regarding working with chemicals, the safety procedures etc.). Do laundry. Put away laundry. Attempt to finish up a sweater. Send off some emails regarding bursary applications. Get my son’s daycare bag ready. Get my school bag ready. Take inventory. Photograph inventory… Hehehe! This is REALLY happening!

I know I keep saying it. This is REALLY happening! School. My purple laptop. The child I’ve always dreamed about. The man I’ve always dreamed about. The home. The car. Some of these things are not how I pictured them (I thought I would own my own car, which I do not and I thought I would be living in a house in the country, which I do not). But you know what? Who cares?! Right now, in this VERY moment, I have EVERYTHING I have ALWAYS wanted. I have the child, the man, the house, the car, the key to my dream career… I think that’s a key. Take a look around you. Do you have everything you have always wanted? It may not be exactly what you had envisioned, so look closer. Be grateful for what you do have because, and I know this from experience, it can be snapped away in the blink of an eye. What you had envisioned could be right around the corner and by being thankful for what you have, that may just propel it closer to you 🙂

I have also found that sometimes the timing of what you want just isn’t right yet. I had been actively whining and moaning about a laptop for about 2 1/2 years. It sure has made life easier. BUT… If I had have got my laptop when I wanted it in the first place, Sweet Purple (yes, I’ve named my laptop!) wouldn’t have came to me. I would have seen her elsewhere and then probably went down the “woulda, shoulda, coulda” trail, whilst beating myself up for not waiting!

I think the same can be said about school. I had the exact same barriers that I am facing today 2 years back. I just got tired of letting them hold me back and took a stand. Was I ready 2 years ago? I know I would have succeeded, but I really don’t think I was ready then. Also, I am grateful for the timing because of what happened with my best friend. Looking forward to school and preparing to soar is how I’m coping with things and honoring his memory. If I wasn’t going to school, I don’t know what I would have done.

I’m not quite sure what my original point of this post was going to be. I think it was about how crazy busy my day is going to be. I like the direction it took though. It is amazing how you feel after a “gratitude rampage.” Try it and you’ll see 🙂

On another note… It was twenty years ago yesterday that I started grade 9. I am so excited about bringing that girl with me and showing her things that she’s only dreamed about. I love how I’m FINALLY being true to me. I really was doing myself such a disservice. I deserve so much better than the path I allowed myself to stumble onto. I was just mentioning in a Facebook post about how I actually get a body buzz when I just start talking about school! If that’s not my soul jumping up and doing cartwheels or some form of happy dance, I don’t know what is! Lol


My “Handy Helpers” – All I can say is WOW…

I wouldn’t call myself a religious person because I’m not committed to one particular religion. I have my beliefs and views and I can find beauty in pretty much any religion I’ve run across. One of my beliefs include “To each their own.” I do consider myself a spiritual person though. I believe in a higher power. Many have the need to label things, so I use  God and Universe interchangeably. Another belief I have is regarding angels. My life has been far too blessed, particularly in the past 3 years, for me to deny their existence. (A LOT of what has happened was initially perceived as being negative at the time, but I’m finding out that things aren’t always what they appear to be).

For the past few months, I don’t think there has been a day go by that I haven’t seen 11:11 at least once a day. Or 1:11. I’ve been told that that’s one’s angels trying to communicate with them. Last week, I found an article by Doreen Virtue explaining the meanings behind number sequences. I thought that was rather cool.

Last week I was hanging out at my mom’s while she was away. I was sitting in her chair working on my felting after my little man had gone to bed. I was getting a different felting needle out of the package when it had fallen out of its case. I wasn’t going to rest until I found it because the last thing I wanted was for Mom or my little man to sit on it or step on it. Those things are really sharp!

So I searched and I searched. I probably looked for a good 10 minutes. I moved the chair. I tipped it over. I moved the rug. Everything thing that could have been lifted up was and everything that could have been moved was. No luck.

Panic started to set it. So I asked for some “help”.

I looked over at Mom’s coffee table. There is an angel on it that is holding a ball that lights up. It’s actually an outdoor garden decoration, but Mom has chosen to keep in inside on her coffee table. It doesn’t get enough direct sunlight in order to light up every night. I’ve seen it light up before, but it’s never been for very long.

Well, didn’t it light up after my little request! It only stayed lit up for about half a minute. And in that half a minute… I found my needle. Then the light went out.

That REALLY caught my attention. After the way things went down last week, I have been calling in the “handy helpers” A LOT. There has been a lot on my plate the past couple of weeks. I figure it doesn’t hurt to find out more information about beings that want to help you. What do I have to lose, right? And after the felting needle incident, I felt that was a pretty strong sign that somebody has my back. So when I was in a book store the other day, I started looking at books about angels. I picked up Angels 101 by Doreen Virtue.

I’ve read quite a bit of it. There was one story that she shared that kind of piqued my interest…

“Altaira was cross-stitching one evening when her needle fell onto the floor. She searched everywhere but couldn’t find it. Worried that her son or her cat would step on the needle…”

Yeah, I know!

Since I’ve been reading more about them, I have been calling on them. The last two hours have been nothing short of miraculous and I’m sure there’s a very good reason for it. Yes, I did have to send my baby away for the weekend. BUT… After that I was able to get daycare sorted out for when I go to school. I got a phone call that there was a “Good Food Box” waiting for me (I didn’t sign up for it this month because I wasn’t sure where I was going to be or if I could pick it up). Bonus! And THEN I found out that I will be covered for September until my student loan comes in. And I won’t have to pay it back, like I was initially told. AND I also learned that there was an error in a review I went through last month. So that is in the process of being rectified!

All I can say is WOW. And THANK YOU!!!!

Note: I’ve decided to call my angels my “handy helpers”… My little man LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. In the clubhouse, there’s always a handy helper around to help Mickey with whatever he needs. That’s how I’ve been feeling the last few days… Except my “handy helpers” aren’t exclusive to my clubhouse 😉

RSD Awareness Quilt Patches

These are patches 4 and 5 that I have made for the RSD Awareness Quilt. For more info, here’s the link to what it’s all about: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=146703535349522

It started out as a promise to a friend. It’s become bigger than that. And I have this feeling it will be getting even bigger…

I will go into more detail later on about this wonderful project. I just wanted to get this posted so that I don’t fall too far behind. I have HUGE news too 😀