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Happy 2012!

I want to wish each and every one of you and your family all the BEST in 2012!!!

My New Year’s Resolutions:

To continue to recognize and maintain my power
This year was certainly a year of recognizing my power and taking it back. I wanted to go back to school for the longest time. I let somebody in my life hold me back for the longest time. Finally, I said screw it. Who am I making happy here? If I’m not happy, then I’m no good to anyone! I was giving my power away to some who certainly didn’t deserve it. I said enough was enough. I’m moving forward for myself and my little man. So off to school I went. IT WAS THE BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE. My perception of the world has changed. I can see potential in things I never saw before, have ideas of making things that were always there, but I was afraid to go through with. Aside from that, school saved me. I had a lot of stuff going on when I started and it helped me keep going.

To continue my education and take more courses!!!
I am joining the Spinners and Weavers Guild this month! I am also seriously contemplating joining the Quilter’s Guild as well. I plan on taking some summer courses which include spinning, weaving, fabric jewelry and possibly some embellishment. This girl isn’t going to be letting her brain go to mush anymore!!!! I also want to find out about the Master’s Spinner’s Program. Kyla NEEDS a challenge (although this one MAY be over my head…)

Warping my loom, learning to use it
‘Nuff said πŸ˜€

To complete the knitting bag challenge
I’ve been in two different courses over the past year and a challenge has been extended to make a functional knitting bag. Challenge accepted! See ya soon Kim πŸ˜‰

To finish up incomplete projects and finish what I start before starting something else
This is a tough one for me. But I REALLY need to stick with it. What I need to do is sit down and map out what I need to finish. Top on the priority list is a sweater for a friend’s hubby and to put binding on a quilt that was given to me when they were throwing out things from the nursing home in town. It was a project started by some residents a long time ago, but never got finished. I intend to bind it and give it back to the nursing home. If they want to display it or sell it, it’s up to them.

To do my best to not let a good idea slip by and keep up my newly acquired “let’s see if this works” outlook
I have been keeping multiple journals around the house. I never know when an idea is going to hit me. This has only been recently though. I think I opened a portal! I think the more ideas I acknowledge and write down, the more will come to me. I had some hit me last night. I picked up a straight knitting loom last night. I went to look at the instructions and they were nothing like how I was going to use it. So I cast the instructions aside because I want to see if what I have in mind will work. If it doesn’t, then I use the instructions πŸ˜‰

To knit ONE dishcloth every day
I am constantly asked for dishcloths. No matter how many I knit up, they always seem to be gone before I even get them off the needles! So if I make up 366 dishcloths, either I will have a lot of dishcloths or there will be a lot of happy dishes (my money’s on the latter!). Let’s see if I can do this! πŸ˜‰ If anyone wants to join me, you’re more than welcome. This will be fun and we could be accountable to each other! Hehehe

This was the worst best year of my life. I just can’t believe how far ahead I have come! Unfortunately, when I reflect on 2011, while I did achieve some huge dreams, in my weaker moments it is overshadowed by the loss of my best friend. I still can’t believe he is gone. I can’t believe what he did. I can’t help but be somewhat angry with him because of how selfish he was and his stupid double standards. He saved me life. More than once. After I went through a bad break up and almost succumbed to depression, he would drag me out of my house. He would come over, make me get out of my jammies and drag my sorry butt out for coffee. He would do anything to make me smile and hear me laugh. I’ve been doing a lot of smiling and laughing recently, but it’s just not the same with a large piece of your heart missing. Why were you there just during the dark times? Why couldn’t you have stuck around for the good times? The good times wouldn’t be happening it if wasn’t for you. Why didn’t you open up to me the way you allowed me to open up to you? Friendship is a two-way street. I feel like you did all of the giving, but you didn’t give me a chance to give back to you. I know there were things you didn’t want me to know about, but I found out. And you know what? I love you just as much now as I did before. If you’re looking for forgiveness, you have mine. I forgive you. I love you.

I think 2012 is going to be the best year yet! I can see so many good things happening! After 2011, I am fully convinced that if you set a goal, even something that may seem unobtainable, it IS possible! If you don’t set a goal, it won’t happen! So I need to get busy setting goals because I’m tired of life happening by default πŸ˜‰


May your 2012 be blessed with health, love, happiness and prosperity! Hugs, Kyla


Merry Christmas!!!!

I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

While I don’t consider myself a Christian, I do celebrate the holiday. To me, it is about spending time with family and friends and wishing good will and giving to others (is that not how He would want his birth celebrated anyway?). I don’t have a whole lot of money, but I bought a bag of food for the food bank. I have more money than I did three years ago though…

Three years ago I was sitting in a shelter with my baby boy. We had nothing. Or so we thought. I was blown away and still am to this day, by the amazing generosity and giving spirit that come over people, particularly at this time of year. Because of complete strangers, my baby boy and I were able to have a Christmas celebration. After that, I don’t care if I only have $20 in my bank account. I will give whatever I can because I know that I will be helping somebody that needs it. I know that for sure because of the help my son and I received. I always thought up until then that I never had enough to give. Well, I can tell you from experience that a can of soup means the world to somebody who has nothing.

And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then how about you share details in a comment below about a celebration you take part in so that I can join you and spread the word? I don’t like this PC stifling of beliefs. I believe in including everyone’s celebrations (provided they are intended as peaceful and loving in nature… in other words, that don’t promote hurting others or animals), but we can’t do that if we don’t know about the customs. You’re always welcome to join me!

Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!!!

Bamboo Double Pointed Needles – I just felt my productivity increase!

Little Man and I went out for lunch and spent some time with two of my dearest friends yesterday. We got to see Santa and have a chat with him. Then we went into a store called Crop Circles in Peterborough Square. I had heard about this store and I wanted to check it out. What I didn’t know is that they also have knitting supplies!

So I bought myself a little Christmas present. I found double pointed bamboo knitting needles! I was really excited when I saw them because I wasn’t able to find them in stores before. I know I’ve sang the praises of bamboo needles before. Well, I’m doing it again! They are so light and work so nicely. It really does make difference with my knitting speed. My friend also told me that they are easier for her to use with having carpel tunnel.

I also didn’t realize until I got home that there were actually five needles in the package. I knew they were shorter, but I didn’t see the fifth needle (I was just too excited about the fact that I had found them!) It won’t be any different than using four. I can see this being a really good thing.

So I think I’m going to bust out the Red Heart Magical. I’ve bought a few balls over the span of autumn, but I haven’t really had a chance to work with it. I’m going to make myself some wrist warmers. Not only do I think they look cool, but I think they will help avoid the nasty things that can happen to wrists. If not, oh well. They look cool!

I have a sweater that I started working on back in the summer for a friend of mine. I will be picking that back up next week. It’s an easy pattern, so it should take no time for me to finish it. That’s on the agenda after Christmas. I haven’t forgot about you guys… I was just a little bit busy since September! πŸ˜‰

The Wheels Are Turning!

I went to visit my friend, Bea, at the Creative Business Incubator. She’s just got set up and she got a rather big order for some dresses. I told her that if she needed me, let me know. So we discussed what was going on. I’m so excited!

While I was there, I found out there is an empty space. I would REALLY like to set something up and get working. While the knitting, spinning, weaving etc. is what I truly love, I really need to zero in on a niche. I just know it’s going to involve sewing. We tossed quite a few ideas around. I’m going to be breaking out the sketch book and drawing some drafts. I NEED to do this!

After I left, I went to Marty’s. I LOVE Marty’s! I picked up some more roving and some recycled sari silk. I’m not quite sure what to do with it, but I know there’s potential. I’m going to try carding it and see where it goes from there. If it doesn’t work, then I will just have to incorporate it into other pieces. Wow, the innovation week really did get the wheels turning!

So now I’m off to turn another wheel… One that will produce some yarn πŸ˜‰

School’s Done… Now What?

I have now completed my Fibre Arts Certificate πŸ™‚

I can’t believe I was just able to type that! A year ago, I thought it was impossible for me to return to school. I really wanted to, but I figured with the visitation schedule my son has with my ex, it wouldn’t be possible. But then I said, and I’m going to be absolutely frank here… To hell with it! I’m going! Just because he has shown no initiative to get out of the rut in his life doesn’t mean I should let him hold me back in mine. Especially when it’s something that is going to allow me to better provide for my little man (something he does NOT do… I’ve got $100 from him in the last 3 years) and is going to set a great example for him.

It certainly was not easy. Having to get little man out the door and getting to school on time. One thing I found slightly amusing was how I had to get myself and a three year old ready, drop him off at daycare and then drive 25 minutes to school. I was on time most of the time. Yet, there were some in my class that lived right in Haliburton, have no children, yet would constantly arrive at least 10 or 15 minutes late.LOL

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel that I was able to take full advantage of studio time. I probably could have because Mom and Normy were there to help. But this course was a bit tough on my little man. I know he missed me like crazy. That’s why I didn’t stay as much as I could. Truthfully, the only thing I missed out on was having the facilities to dye and the space to screen print. Now that I have my spinning wheel and loom, I will be making up for lost studio time πŸ™‚ I would like to get into dyeing, exploring food colouring at some point, but I have far too much to do right now to worry about it. I will be looking for the tools to do so though. If a crockpot, hot plate or some pots fell into my lap, I certainly wouldn’t refuse it.

This course really did change my life. Anyone that I had talked to that had taken it told me it would. Not only from what I learned, but the timing of it. The timing was impeccable. I won’t go into what all had happened leading up to and during the course (I have posted about that in the past, so I really don’t want to go back there), but I will say that having something else to focus on has really helped me build my strength.

As for the course itself… One of the BEST decisions I have ever made. Keep in mind, I don’t have an extensive art history. I did find some parts challenging because of that. But the instructors were so wonderful and so understanding. All you had to do was ask for help and they would go above and beyond to make sure you understood what they were teaching.

So what’s next?

I want to take my new-found skills and confidence and build up an inventory. I would love to get on the show circuit. I plan on joining the spinner’s and weaver’s guild and the quilt guild to keep up the learning and support. I would also like to launch an online store. I may also look into putting my items into consignment shops in the area.

I (and anyone else who was interested) have been extended a challenge to make a knitting bag. I’m really excited about that. We had a panel of three guests on Friday in our last class. I asked for their input about shows etc. One of them suggested that there needs to be more children’s items in the area because “Grandma’s like to spoil their grandchildren” πŸ™‚

So just because the course is over doesn’t mean that the learning is. I will also have more time to update (I think!) Hehehe

My Spinning Wheel is Home!!!!!

My new baby!!!!

After waiting since September (thank goodness I didn’t order this then or else I wouldn’t be seeing her until next summer!), my baby is finally home! I’ve called her Destiny because I’m thinking that spinning may be my destiny!

My Normy got it as a gift for me. He is so amazing! All he wants out of life is to see my little man and me happy. Well, he certainly does a phenomenal job! This is the best gift I’ve ever got from a significant other. He certainly is a keeper! πŸ™‚

The buzz of her arrival was sort of muted by an event that happened at home today. We were notified that on Monday we were getting new insulation put in our attics. Well, I got a phone call today saying that it was going to happen now. I was told that one of the staff from the housing complex was going to be here. Well if she was, she certainly didn’t do her job. Normy came in and thought the place was broken into. He couldn’t find my cat, which sparked panic. And then he noticed that my back door wasn’t locked. Aside from that, the workers left quite a mess of insulation and dirty hand prints all over the access panels. Anyway, I was working away on my assignment at school when I got the frantic phone call. I rushed home to see if I could find my kitty. It turns out he was in the only place that Normy didn’t look… Behind the washer.

I’m going to find out who the is doing the insulation so that I can file it and remember to not use them when I get my own place. If I was paying for this, I would be calling them back here to clean up the mess they made. That isn’t professional at all.

Now I must retire to my happy place!