My current love

I know we artists can be finicky at times. We have a love affair with something that we are working on. Then once it is complete, we fall in love all over again with what’s next on our agenda. Now that I think about it, these are love affairs that would very rarely end up in heartbreak… Hmmm… The prospect of NEVER being dumped by something one loves so deeply is pretty appealing, eh? You can’t disappoint it or let it down. You don’t have to worry about it being unfaithful. And you will never have the question in your mind as to wether or not it’s going to call!

My current love affair is with these socks that I’m working on. I LOVE how the colours are taking shape. Methinks I will be holding onto the these socks myself. I will probably end up buying some more of the same yarn and making some to gift or sell! This yarn is really exciting to work with. I love that!


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