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Spinning: Two years later

Wow is all I can say. I just read back on my post about the first time I had spun. I had said that I was going to release the negativity of that day. I didn’t stick to it though because I had actually shared what had happened to upset me that day. I am now going to delete it in a promise that I had made to myself about releasing it. Unfortunately, I’ll probably always have the memories of what happened that day before I started spinning. But if I don’t write them down, perhaps I will forget in time. I hope.

It’s my second spinaversary today! Here are the links to my post about my first experience and my first spinaversary:
A Brand New Chapter
Happy Spinaversary, One Year Later

Oh, my morning started off just absolutely dreadful two years ago today. And I’m going to leave it at that.

Thank God for Wendy.

I was a wreck when I came into that classroom. I had missed the portion about the spindle and with the way the course was set up, there was really no time to go back. So she came over to me and gently said “Let’s go try the wheel.” I walked over and she showed me what I was doing. Then I sat down.

Magic happened.

I really don’t know how to describe it, but I will try. It’s as if everyone and everything around me melted. I was pulled into another dimension where it was me, the wheel and the wool. Nothing else mattered. I was able to shut EVERYTHING off, including the horribleness of what I had just experienced not even an hour prior. I just started spinning. It felt like this was the piece to my life that I had been missing, yet I didn’t know it was missing until I experienced it. I picked up on it like I had done it before. I swear, I had to have been a spinner in a former life!


I loved spinning so much that my boyfriend bought me my own wheel:


Since then, I have been going to a spinning group every month. I have taken the Intermediate Spinning Course at Fleming College. I have volunteered my time to do spinning demonstrations. My future is bright too. I will be joining the spinning guild. I will be enrolling in the OHS (Ontario Handweavers and Spinners) Master Spinning Program next August. I will be spinning at Finnegan Lake Gallery next weekend. On the 28th, I will be spinning at Canada Culture Days in Kinmount. I will also be on the Kinmount and Area Studio tour on Thanksgiving weekend.

I have also set the intention to teach. I want to do everything I can to help preserve the art and pass it on to the next generation. Nothing makes me happier when a child sees me spinning and asks me questions about it.

And to close out this post, I think I’m going to do a spinning version of Jeff Foxworhty’s “You might be a redneck”…

If you’re at a fair or a farm and look at sheep, alpacas and other animals and see your next project… you might be a spinner

If you tear your kitchen apart to find sandwich bags to pack your child’s lunch, but you end up finding them in your spinning tote because you were using them for fibre samples… you might be a spinner

If the food colouring you have stored in your kitchen is NOT used for food… you might be a spinner

If you have two sets of pots, two crockpots and two separate heating sources… you might be a spinner

If you’re doing a demonstration when somebody asks if you’re spinning in bare feet because that’s how the pioneers did it and your response is “No, it so that I can “feel” my wheel”… you might be a spinner

If you have more fibre in your closet than you do clothes… you might be a spinner

If you plant your garden based what colours the plants will produce on wool… you might be a spinner

That’s all I have for now. I know there are some spinners that do run across my blog, so feel free to add on in the comments if I missed anything 😉

So here I am, two years later. I couldn’t be more grateful that spinning has come into my life and the timing of it. It sure has got me through some rough times. I’m so thankful that it has the ability to shut everything else off (this is why I don’t spin when my son is around). It really is the gift that keeps on giving.


Little Mickey’s New Hat

My Sweet Pea was gone for most of the month of August (and he was NOT happy about that, but we didn’t have a choice). I missed him like crazy. I threw myself in my work and that’s when Minion Hat Mania hit. It was very fitting because he LOVES the Minions from Despicable Me. Every time I worked on a hat, I could see him smiling.

I always try to do special things for him. Especially things that make him laugh. He has giggled non-stop about the Minion hats I made for both of us. So I figured that his beloved Little Mickey should join the club:


He went crazy when he saw this! And I giggled the whole time I made it!

I’m so glad that he appreciates the things that I make for him. He thanked me just last night for a hat that I made for him over a year ago. I hope his appreciation for handmade items carries on through his lifetime. I sure it will 🙂