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Fringe Baby Booties


Cable Zig Zag Square Pillow


I won’t bore anyone with too much detail about why I’ve been so quiet. Life. One word sums it up. Single mom. Helping out Dad with appointments. Spinning course. Pattern testing. Pet sitting. I could go on.

In September I found something that has made things easier to keep those interested in my work in the “loop.” Instagram. While I know not everyone has it or even wants it, I have come to love it. With the touch of a few buttons and some clever hashtags, I could get seen on Instagram AND Facebook in one shot. How awesome is that?

So I’m going to try reposting my posts here. If I don’t get a chance, I’m hoping you’ll make your way over to have a boo (you don’t need an account to check it out) and perhaps follow me. 

Thanks for hanging in there! ❤