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Just Had to Share :-)

Stick your head in the clouds from time to time. You never know what may manifest. Play out those POSITIVE “what if’s” in your head. Don’t worry about how you get it. Just visualize having it. If you told me 3 years ago that I would be going to school, and own a spinning wheel and a loom, I would have asked you what kind of glue you were sniffing! Look at me NOW! Just because I stuck my head in the clouds πŸ˜€


Mr. Sun, you wrecked my plans!

Well, “reading week” started on Friday (and for the record, I did check out a token book! On weaving lol). I wish I could say that I was excited about it, but that would be a big lie! Yeah, yeah, I could probably use a rest. The studio will be open next week, so I plan on going in on Monday and Tuesday at least. I would really like to practice spinning, screen some t-shirts and fabric and probably do some dyeing. Why not, right? I think the spinning will be the major focus. I would like to have some of the glitches worked out before my wheel gets here so that I can get down to business. I do realize that spinning is a never-ending learning process, but the sooner I get practicing, the sooner the sailing will be smoother πŸ˜‰

My loom arrived safe and sound! Dad and Normy carried it into Normy’s place. I still have to get a couple of shuttles, some bobbins and other accessories (any equipment and book suggestions for this newb would be appreciated!) before I can get started. I am really excited about it! I’ve always wanted a loom, but never thought it possible. I have to keep it at Normy’s place because I don’t have any room here. I’m not quite ready to sacrifice my garage yet… (The place where I live is one of those ones that has neighbors with noses in your every move. Outta sight, outta mind I believe!) Normy tells me he’s thrilled though because that means that I will have to spend more time there. I really appreciate Dad bringing it up for me. I made him his pulled pork sandwiches and Red Lobster biscuits. He looked like a rather happy man! Hehehe

My loom is a Leclerc Fanny 45″ counterbalance floor loom. Here’s a link to what it looks like. The model shown is a Fanny II, but the only difference is that the Fanny II has a shed regulator. And the bonus part to the whole thing is that if somebody gets out of line, I can tell them to kiss my Fanny and NOT mean it in an offensive way. It’s not my fault if they misinterpret the meaning πŸ˜‰

I was planning on having a day of doing nothing. Of course by saying I’m doing nothing translates into having either a hook or needles in my hands. We were just going to hang out here and have a movie day. Well, the sun decided to shine today after more than a week of being on vacation. So I think there will be a trip to Rotary Park and possibly the sculpture forest on the agenda. Poor little man hasn’t really been able to rip for over a week. He’s been pretty good, but you can tell he hasn’t been out to play. So I think some fresh air and exercise will do us some good. I know the fresh air will knock me out though. So I may be partaking in nap time this afternoon too.

I have a few more pictures to post from last week, but my camera is in my car at the moment and I am uber comfy on my futon. Next week will be quiet (probably not now that I said that!), so I will post them then.

And it has to be said… The Leaf’s are playing like they mean it these days! I saw most of the game against Montreal last night and oh my! It was awesome! It tugs at my heart though whenever they play Montreal. My friend was a huge Montreal fan. Every time the Leafs played the Habs, there would be smart-ass text messages exchanged. It really breaks my heart with my phone being silent. I miss you buddy.


I’M GETTING MY LOOM TOMORROW!!!!! (yes, I am doing a HUGE happy dance right now… Feel free to join in for the fun of it)

So I’m off to buy a pork roast and get the ingredients for Red Lobster biscuits. I asked Dad if he wanted any money for his troubles and he told me my cooking would suffice πŸ˜€ Since this blog is mostly about my work, I haven’t mentioned him or Mom a whole lot. Let me tell you… I have to be one of the MOST BLESSED people on the face of this planet to have the parents that I do! They will do anything to help me to help myself. A lot of adults stop caring what their parents think. I care deeply. I want them to be proud of me and for their faces to light up when somebody asks them how I’m doing. I love them both so much and I can’t thank God enough for them πŸ™‚

Yesterday I ended up going home sick again. This cough has been brutal. I’m just wrapping up lunch now, but I had to post about my loom. I’ll take some pictures and do a post either tonight or sometime on the weekend.

Blind drawing, oh how I love how you level the playing field!

I may have mentioned that I can’t draw to save my life. Well, I think things are about to change!

This afternoon, we had a new instructor, Marta. I already think she is amazing! She is taking it easy on me (and anyone else who needs it) because of my limited drawing skills. She has already given me a lot of encouragement. I think if I keep doing what I’ve been doing, putting my all into it, there is nothing but room for improvement! She says that is what she is looking for. As long as we try our best, we will pass. Yay!

The first thing we did was a technique called blind drawing. She gave us a feather. Told us to look at it, to study it and then draw what we saw without looking at the paper. Surprisingly enough, mine resembled a feather! She also had us do double blind drawing. That’s where you close both of your eyes. Yeah, not so great. But at least I wasn’t alone!

Here’s some of the drawings I did:

Blind drawing… My first attempt ever

Blind drawing… We were to do this 10 times over and over

Blind drawing with my left hand

Believe it or not, this one we were allowed to peak at. I think peeking did more harm than good!

This one was from memory, or “double blind”… With our eyes closed

We were supposed to go out and get something from nature that we want to base a design motif on

Well, I have to say that I’m excited, but a little nervous about tomorrow. This is totally uncharted territory. I’m on the roller coaster… Now’s the time to hang on!

Design Class

I think I mentioned that I’ve had a lot on ye olde plate last week. It was crazy. To add to it, I had to go to Barrie and back on Friday and Sunday (about a 5 hour round trip with rest stops) and then I had to go to Lindsay on Saturday to pick up my machine from being tuned up. I ended up spending the day with Mom, which is always a pleasure. I also go started on my Christmas shopping! WOOT!!

Anyway, there wasn’t a whole lot to the instruction component last week. Most of our time was spent drawing, gathering information and making our presentations. I did take pictures and I will explain what is in them πŸ™‚

Various pictures of dot designs collected off the web

Line Designs designs collected off the web

Line exercises I drew

In this one we were supposed to develop 4 individual pattern designs based on the idea of a stripe

An example of texture. This was painted with a piece of yarn

Another one painted with a piece of yarn

And another…

And another πŸ˜€ (last one, I promise!)

This one is demonstrating texture. I sewed the top right and the bottom right ones. I wanted to see what sewing on paper was like. Nothing exciting, but I can say that I tried. I think Gunnel was impressed with my determination lol

Geometric shapes representing stability and movement

Organic shapes representing stability and movement

I have to say that this week was a particularly challenging one. I had never done anything like this before. I THINK I got it down pat, but I could probably use more work in this department. Oh well. I told Gunnel that I probably could have used more time with it. She said that the subject is so dry that she didn’t think she could have taught it any longer! LOL I guess that says a lot about her teaching if she can take a dry subject and leave a student wanting to know more πŸ˜‰

Basic Sewing

Well, it’s only just after 10 am and Laura has given us more useful information in that time than one can acquire in a very long time!

So far we have been talking about fabric stabilizers. I’m really excited about this because this is going to lead into free motion sewing! Really looking forward to that!

Later that day…

I have a little story to share about a desire coming true right before my eyes.

A year ago last summer, I went to an art show featuring fibre artists that was held here in Minden. I was just in absolute awe. I had never appreciated art on that kind of level before. I think it was that day that I pretty much made up my mind that I was going to take this course.

There was one artist’s work that really stood out. I am so horrible with names, but I remembered her work. I thought to myself “I would really love to meet this artist someday!” Her work really inspired me.

One day last December, our instructor, Laura Trach, took us to the gallery for a class with Sew Resourceful. They were speaking to us about shows, the application process and what’s involved. They were kind enough to give us a program from the show that summer. I was excited about this because I got a chance to see who that artist was that had inspired me so.

Her name was Laura Trach πŸ™‚

I whispered to my friend “I want to tell her how much she inspired me, but I don’t want to sound like I’m sucking up!” She overheard me say that! Hehehehe Click here to view Laura’s site.

So as I mentioned above, Laura was teaching us yesterday and half of today. Oh my goodness, the stuff this woman knows would just blow your mind! In the short time we had, she managed to cover topics such as machine care, pressing (see pics below), different types of stabilizers and interfacing, different types of needles and their functions, how to sew around corners just to name a few.

Practicing straight lines and specific seam allowances

Fidgeting with the stitch width and length



Sleeve board for… You guessed it! Ironing sleeves! And other small articles

More pressing helpers

“Ham” also for pressing

A “clapper”… Used to press an edge down even tighter after being ironed. Makes the edge crisper

Laura will be back in a couple of weeks. I’m so excited!

I’m Still Here!

This has been a bit of a messed up week. It was Thanksgiving here last weekend, so we had Monday off. We were SUPPOSED to go in on Saturday according the schedule, but party time was more important to some than a little boy getting spend time with is mama (I was NOT impressed about the whole situation… I’m over it though. Sort of.). So Tuesday and Wednesday nights were really late – 9 1/2 hour days (9 pm by the time we got home). I was done early today, but my focus was on spending as much time with little man that I could because of missing out on the last two nights. And he’s gone tomorrow for the weekend 😦 We started painting a wooden rocket ship kit I got for him and we had a picnic on the floor. He really is a blast!

This week we have been doing design. I really think it would have been A LOT more beneficial if this portion had have been one of the first sections covered. I can tell you that it would have opened up a lot more creative doors for me, that’s for sure. It’s pretty intimidating being in a class full of people who know how to draw and/or have some form art training.

I will try to remember to take some pictures of my work tomorrow. It’s been all in black and white this week until this afternoon.

And on the excitement front… I am very close to purchasing a loom! I just have to make arrangements to pick it up. Hopefully it will disassemble and fit in my car. If not, I may have to talk sweetly to my dad to see if I can borrow his pickup truck. I’m sure if I offered him some home made pulled pork, biscuits like Red Lobster’s and some gas money, he will probably help me out. If that doesn’t work, I’ll tell him that I’m moving back home to make up for the money that I lost out on from not having a loom! πŸ˜€ Hehehe