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Time Flies

I guess it hasn’t been as long as I thought between posts. I had run up my data plan on my phone pretty good last month, so updating kinda took a back seat. I’m at Mom’s now, so I MAY be “borrowing” her wireless connection. On that note, I gotta say damn you you stupid, cheap big corporation Canadian ISP’s. Putting a cap on our net service? That is so wrong… I’m gonna go to my happy place now…

I just have one sleeve left on the tractor sweater! I’m on fire. Considering how much I’ve had going on in the last couple of wks, I’m rather impressed. I think it’s a combination between the bamboo needles which makes me more aerodynamic and built for speed and the part where I got faster. I think it’s funny that my hands are flying faster than my brain is prepared for! Hehehe

I picked up some more fabric today for my niece’s John Deere quilt. I’m really excited about working on it! I’m hoping to have it done for her birthday. I’ll be able to have the top done at least. I know she’s going to love it πŸ™‚

I got some pretty funky yarn today. It’s almost like a chenille. It’s going to knit up quickly. I’m making a baby blanket out of it. I think I’m going to take a break from the sweater and work on that tonight. I have to cast on stitches for the sleeve, so the blanket will require less brain power. After the week I’ve had, the less thinking I have to do tonight, the better.

I did two table runner prototypes for SR’s table at Minden’s Festival of Trees in November last week. I will be working on another one this week. I have to get it right before the end of the month. I just hope “some” ppl get their act together to work with the rest of the team (right Bea?! Hehehe) I’m just going to keep the faith.

20110430-102443.jpg 20110430-102456.jpg


Tractor Sweater

I’ve got a good start on the sweater. Tonight I just couldn’t put the needles down! Hope the momentum remains… I’m going to have this done before I even realize it! Hehehe



Here we go!


I have been asked to make a tractor sweater. This will be refreshing after doing that black sweater! And I know this one will take me a month TOPS. I’m thinking more like a week, but I am no longer putting time limits on myself. Especially with all that I have on my plate right now!

This one is going to be an adventure though. The pattern I have just goes up to a size 4 and the sweater I’ve been asked to make is a size 8. This should be easy enough to do. I have TONS of resources. And when Uncle Garr gets envious of Goober’s sweater, I’ll be better equipped to make one in his size πŸ˜‰

I’m going to take a stab at using bamboo needles. I’ve never used them before, but I notice that a lot of the hardcore knitters do. I’m sure there is a reason for it. I’m sure I’m about to discover it. I’m kinda excited about it!

I also have to make a prototype of a table runner for Thursday. This is going to be for the Festival of Trees. I’m looking forward to this πŸ™‚

Well, time to git ‘r done!

Take that, black sweater!

I WIN!!!

That’s right. I made that sweater my ________. Now I can freely move on about my crafty life. And I can’t wait to give it to the lady!!!

So this evening I will be working on a couple of celebratory scarves. I have a tractor sweater on deck. Just have to get the $$$ for the yarn.

The next deadline I have is Thursday when I have to have a table runner prototype done for SR.

This week I’m going to try something different. I’m going to get up early and go for a walk. Then I’m going to go hang out in the Kycave. I haven’t spent much time in there since the choker “incident”. Soooo… It’s time.

Kyla-1 Black Sweater-… But KYLA-1 hehehe

This sweater has been a MAJOR barrier to my creativity. I promised a friend I would fix it for her friend. And a promise is not something I take lightly.

I have tried I don’t know how many times to get this to work. Stitched. Ripped out. Stitched again. Ripped out. But perseverance has paid off! I have been successful with one sleeve. The rest is just going to fall into place now πŸ˜€

And when I finish this tonight or tomorrow, I can freely move on to the next project. A John Deere sweater that I have already done and KNOW I can do! Oh, and a table runner for SR. Challenge.

I doubt I will post a picture of the sweater. It’s black and it’s one of those things that no picture will do it justice. But that’s ok. I know I did it and I’m proud of it πŸ˜€

Silk Screening

This is some silk screening done by the girl who can’t draw. Yep. Let this stand as another example… “If she can do it, I can do it”

I think they turned out really well for my lack of skill repertoire. I plan on turning the RSD ribbons into quilt patches and maybe a bag. The music notes are probably going to be bags.




I’m still here!

Time is really starting to speed up! I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve been here to update.

Today I went up to Fleming College for the open house. SOMEBODY’s child was not in the best of moods. Of course he’s not normally like that. Just when Mama wants to find out info about our future!

Last weekend I went to the One of a Kind show. All I have to say is OMG!!! I learned a LOT there. Every fibre artist I told about going to school was so supportive! It really is like a whole other world. I also observed things like labeling and pricing items and how the artists interacted with people (and one example of how NOT to). It was an amazing experience!

I’m getting things put together with applying for my student loan. I thought I was on a deadline. Nope! Starting to feel much better about that one πŸ™‚

We did some silk screening the last 2 wks at SR. I’ll be posting that in a separate one. I’m quite proud of myself there.

I’ve been trying to work on that sweater repair, but it just isn’t working out for me yet. I’m still chugging… I really do adore the lady I’m doing it for and I’m not about to give up. I am going to take a break for the evening though because I’ve already tried at least 3 different times today. I think I may work on the sleeves tomorrow.

Oh Leafs, really… Just forfeit at this point. Save your pride! We’ll get ’em next yr… (couldn’t stop the hockey rant)