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Score One for Mother Earth – Plastic Bags With Purpose

I seem to be on a roll with moving forward in my life. I’m tying up loose ends, getting some of the closure I’ve been seeking for a very long time. So since I’m on a roll, why not take this exciting energy and do something I’ve talked about doing for a long time? Today I’m preparing to spin yarn (or “plarn”) from plastic bags.

I have a whole bunch of milk bags that I’ve been collecting, so I’m going to start there. I doubt I’ll get to spinning it today, but I am going to be cutting the bags up.


I am going to ply it with something. What that something is, I’m unclear of at this point. I have a few ideas. I’ll know better when I get the plastic portion spun up.

Score one for Mother Earth!

UPDATE: Two hours later…



UFO Experiment Time!

I bet you thought I was going to talk about litle green men that came down to Earth in their space vehicles, didn’t you? Uh, no. I’m talking about the thing that EVERY crocheter and knitter has (and if you say you don’t have one, you’re either just starting out or you’re lying to yourself)…

UnFinished Objects.

I see status updates from various pages on Facebook asking fans to comment on how many UFO’s they have. I don’t even go there. I haven’t counted. I’m going to have to dedicate some time in the new year to get these altogether.

I think one of the percieved barriers of finishing up those projects is that there is a chance that you have used the yarn in another project. Or you varied the pattern in your head. Used a different hook and can’t remember which one now. I’m working on a way to overcome this.

I have started to write stuff down in a journal. I actually started that a year and a half ago. Thank goodness I have! When I work on something, I’ve started to make notes in a journal and there have been a few times I have been very grateful that I did. Take for example today… A friend of mine had ordered a couple of hats awhile ago. She said that the ones she ordered for were small for their age. I looked the measurements up online and it seemed that there was about 1″ difference between sizes. So I went with the smaller size against a gut feeling. A couple of weeks ago, my friend asked me if I could make them hats for Halloween. I said I could squeeze them in. This time I went with my gut and went with the bigger size. I wrote that info down. I found out today that the orignal hats were too small (and my gut called it!). So I told her I would make the next size up for her. She told me that the other ones fit and she thought they were the same size. Nope. So I’m going to refer to my notes so that I will get the size right. YAY ME FOR WRITING IT DOWN!!!

I’ve also started something else. Sometimes when I get started on a project I haven’t worked on before, the sizing comes out wrong. So rather than rip it apart, I just set it aside (this is why I have so many UFO’s floating around here!) I’ve noticed the UFO’s getting out of control. Why is that? Because I didn’t have notes for them. When I tried tweaking a pattern recently, the results came out too big. But it looked good. So I wrote my notes down on a piece of paper along with the hook size, type and brand of yarn and colour. So when I get a day to work on UFO’s, I will be able to do it more efficiently.

I think one of the keys to this line of work is doing things as efficiently as you can. I think this is one of the things we can do to contribute to that. Feel free to add this to your bag of tricks.

Play time :-D

I saw a bracelet that another fibre artist did that really inspired me. I liked the fact that it was thicker and adjustable. So I decided to make my own version.

This peacock blue roving is really talking to me. It was my first book cover and now my first bracelet. For some reason, any of my great brain waves involves this colour.

I got out the embroidery thread and played around a bit too. I have an amazing book that shows a lot of different stitches, but I’m not quite sure where it got to. I bet there’s an app for that though… For the stitches and possibly for finding my book! Lol

Anyway, I’m almost done this one except for reinforcing the eyelets and threading a ribbon through them to attach it to my not-so-dainty wrist. I’d like to get metal eyelets but they didn’t have any here in town. That’ll be for the next one. Unless this one works 😉

So here we are…