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The Future as Seen from 2011 Me

It’s funny how you find things when you’re looking for a place to put something else. No, I wasn’t cleaning house this time. I’m signed up for a crochet pattern grading course, so I was trying to decide where the best place would be to store my class files. I was surfing around the My Documents file. I noticed that it was really untidy. There were receipts from things I had bought a couple of years ago. Old business card templates. In other words, lots of stuff that didn’t need to be there. So I started deleting and moving things. Okay, I sort of got distracted from the task at hand, but that’s how things go with me. The same frickin’ thing happens when I do a deep cleaning of my house. It takes me days because I find an old note, things my Goober has made, stuff from Mom. You name it. Apparently it’s not much different with my computer. God help me when it comes time to organize my pattern files! But I digress…

One thing that I found was something I had written on September 14, 2011. That was the day after I touched a spinning wheel for the very first time. The Notepad file was simply named “future.” Here’s what I had written:

We’re going to be weaving on Friday. We also have class on Saturday this week. I am very grateful for that. And then the next weekend is birthday weekend. Looking forward to Chinese food and chocolate cake. The real chocolate cake, not the generic, flavorless stuff at the buffet. Just saying…

I feel like I closed an old chapter this morning and started writing a new one this afternoon. Right now is my chance to start thinking about how I want this one to go. We have the setting. We have the plot. Characters. Props. In this scene, a woman discovers spinning. Not just spinning. But spinning her own fibres. What is going through her head right now? What direction does she want to take this story in? I think we’re going to go to school on time tomorrow. We’re going to watch that video. Burn some fabric. Absorb tons of information. And then we are going to spin. And spin some more. I am a spinning prodigy.

I did some checking to see if perhaps this was a draft for another post. I came to find that yes it was. But I only posted up to the part about the chocolate cake. Knowing me, I didn’t have the confidence to post the rest. Well, I’ve grown since then. So to 2011 me I say “You’ve got this girl. Put it out there. People are going to judge and form opinions of you anyway no matter what you do. You’re not hurting anyone, you’re not saying anything bad about anyone. So give ‘er!” (I hope that 2011 me gets that message LOL)

So after reading the second paragraph, that has me thinking about doing another post along those lines. It’s so neat to see how I have continued this story. Did I think I was going to continue it the way that I have back then? I’m going to guess that I had no clue! But I do know that 2011 me would be beyond thrilled with how the spinning story has gone. I think she would be blown away. And chances are, she may not even believe 2015 me if I told her because really, my spinning story has been more like a dream.