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Fire Truck Applique by The Perfect Knot

As with all true professionals in many walks of life, they strive to grow and improve upon things like technique, skills and communication. Reputable crochet pattern designers are no exception.

Michelle from The Perfect Knot decided that her fire truck needed an update. When a designer does this, I have even more respect for them that what I initially had. To me, this shows that they really care about their customers, they’re committed to their art and the feel a responsibility to continue to improve upon something they have already put out there. I think that really shows the human side of things (before I started pattern testing and getting to know designers, I thought they were a super-human species above us mere yarn-loving mortals, unapproachable and up on a pedestal. How wrong I was! I think there’s going to be a post somewhere about that at a later date… LOL)

So after Michelle did some tweaking and refining of the pattern, here are my results:


I think that turned out awesome! I’m very pleased with the results and that couldn’t happen without a great pattern!

You can purchase the fire truck applique pattern by clicking here. As mentioned on the listing, it is under revision (which how I came to do this test), but she will be sending out the revised version soon. If you already have a copy, be on the lookout for an update.


Crocheting 101:Patterns Featuring Single Crochet

As promised in my previous post, Crocheting 101:The Stuff You Need to Know Before You Pick Up a Hook, this post is going to provide a roundup of links to patterns featuring the single crochet stitch (sc). You will find the chain stitch (ch) in there as well (I don’t think I’ve run across a pattern without it). Some patterns are free, some you will have to pay for. Some are very easy, others are a little more zesty.

Crocheting 101:Patterns Featuring Single Crochet

  1. Catnip Pouch Cat Toy by Simply Collectible Crochet (free)
  2. Easy Camisole by CrochetKim.com (free)
  3. Simple Rainbow Bracelet by Jessie at Home (free)
  4. Keychain Bag by Posh Pooch Designs (free)
  5. Playin’ Hooky Disc by Playin’ Hooky (paid)
  6. Simple Single Crochet Hat by KT and the Squid (free)
  7. Lips Applique and Cozy/Koozie by Simply Collectible Crochet (free)
  8. Boricua Patriotic Infant Baby Tank Top by CrochetKim.com (free)
  9. Color Me Happy Kerchief by Jessie at Home (free)
  10. Tuxedo Baby Top and Short Set by CrochetKim.com (free)
  11. The Graph Beanie by Playin’ Hooky (paid)
  12. Bob’s! Easy Tweed Blanket by KT and the Squid (free)
  13. InfantJogging Suit by CrochetKim.com (free)

I hope you enjoy the links! I’ll be working on putting another stitch-themed post together really soon. Thank you for stopping by!

I have been asked to provide tips on reading patterns. This request came after I had started putting this post together. It would make sense to have a post addressing this, but I wanted to get moving with the single crochet post because I know there were some people counting on it. I will backtrack and go through some of the features you will find in a pattern. Look for this post coming soon.

Diagonal Weave Infinity Scarf or Cowl by Crochet by Jennifer

I had the honour of testing another pattern for Crochet by Jennifer. Lately, she’s been working on a series of designs, the “Diagonal Weave.”

I just finished up the test for her Diagonal Weave Infinity Scarf or Cowl.



I have to say this texture is right up there with the crocodile stitch for being a favourite with me. Jen explains it clearly in her pattern and there are also photo illustrations as well. It’s not a difficult pattern, but it’s also not one you’d want to start at 11 at night after a long day. It is rated “Experienced.” Once you find your groove though, it’s easily memorized. And if you add some vibrant-coloured yarn, you’ll have a hard time putting it down!
(Even after you’ve finished it… I’ve sat in my chair and just petted it because it was so nice! hehehe)

Mom’s Birthday Cowl

For the second year in a row, Mom actually told me what she wanted for her birthday! I’m sure most adult children get the old “Save your money, I don’t need anything” line. I find this so frustrating because Mom is the most deserving of gifts and spoiling for all that she has done over the course of my life and continues to do for my son and I. I started telling her a few years ago that she may as well go ahead and tell me what she would like because I’m going to be getting her something anyway. I don’t want the hassle of returning something that doesn’t fit or seeing her not use the item I made/bought for her. I think she’s finally getting it!

A couple of weeks ago I asked her what she would like. She told me that she would like a cowl to match her new coat. She said she wanted something warm and soft, but nothing too fuzzy because she didn’t know how her cough would handle that. She was also specific about what she was looking for in the length and width department. I like it when she’s specific. So we hopped on my computer and started going through patterns on Ravelry and Craftsy.

She ended up choosing the Avena Cowl pattern by Littletheorem Knits. It was well-written and I’m happy with my purchase. One thing I would suggest if you do purchase this pattern is to put a stitch marker every 10 stitches (it’s a 10 stitch repeat). I was working with dark yarn and it got a little confusing. This is nothing to do with the way the pattern was written though. Completely an operator issue *wink* I have fallen in love with this stitch combination. It makes a gorgeous texture.

And since this cowl was for Mom, there was no way I was going to use acrylic! It didn’t really fit her request anyway. I don’t know how happy she is about the part where she can’t just throw it in the washing machine. Unfortunately you have to choose between comfort and convenience when it comes to yarn. I always tell people it’s best to not put hand-knit or crocheted items in the washer and dryer anyway in order to preserve them. I told her that I would wash it for her if she wanted me to.

I ended up going with Akapana by Mirasol. It’s comprised of 65% baby llama, 25% Merino wool and 10% Donegal. This is the first time I’ve worked yarn containing llama fleece. Let me tell you, this is not helping my evolution into a yarn snob! It’s just going to be a matter of time before I won’t even be able to look at my acrylic stash. I guess that’s not a bad thing though.

I highly doubt I’ll be able to get a picture of Mom modelling her new cowl with her coat. So a picture on the blocking board will have to do. This is one of those projects that felt like it was over before it started. Good job I ended up getting twice as much yarn as I needed! (Craftsy wouldn’t let me download the pattern on my phone so I had no idea what the yardage was). It felt so good that I may have to make another!