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Butter your own damn crackers!

Those are words that are forever etched in my mind and in my heart.

My Granny Girl turned me into a pea soup addict. I know a lot of people are repulsed by the stuff and I probably would have been too if it wasn’t for Granny Girl feeding it to me. Even when I got older and moved away, I still did my best to make time to go visit her for a Pea Soup Date. But when I got older, she stopped buttering my crackers. I teased her about it and her response was “Butter your own damn crackers!” She always told it as it was.

Being the suck that I was, Granny Girl caved in. This is what I walked in to one day, along with the sweet sentiment “Quit yer bitching!”

When I reviewed my pictures later on, I thought it was pretty silly to take a picture of a plate of buttered crackers. But now I’m so glad that I did.

She passed away two years ago today at the age of 87.

How does this tie in with my blog about fibre arts you ask?

She was the one who started it all. She taught me the basics of knitting. The basics of sewing. The basics of quilting. She was the one who started the fire.

I actually had an epiphany at her funeral. They had set up an area beside her casket with some of the quilts she had made, socks and mittens she had knit. It occurred to me that, while she had left her physical body, part of her energy still remains with us. Something that we can physically touch. She helped me to realize just how important and how unique every piece that I knit, crochet, spin or whatever is. Every hat, every skein of yarn I make contains my energy. And it will always be there, long after I have left this earth myself.

Well, that just fueled the fire even more. Until then, I didn’t realize just how important the work I do is. Especially for my son and any other children I may have and their children’s children and their children’s children…

When I wrap the quilt around me that she made me, I can feel the love radiating from it. She may not be here anymore, but I love the fact that I can still get a hug from her any time I need it. I feel like I’m honouring her with every project I do. I want to leave a legacy like that to my loved ones too.