About L’il Ol’ Me

This page is about how I got to where I am now. If you’re wondering about the details like when I learned to crochet, you can find it in this post here.

Here is my story. To start off with, I have an 8-year-old son who is the love of my life. We live with our dog-in-cat-clothing, Charlie. We are pet sitters. I also assist my little guy with his weekly paper route (he is currently working on saving up for summer camp).

The short, condensed version of my story is that I woke up one day and realized that I had been in an abusive relationship. He didn’t physically beat me. However, the night he refused to let me use the washroom and blocked my car in with a transport was the night I fled. I wasn’t going to stick around to see what was next. He abused me in every other form. Mentally, emotionally, financially – the forms of abuse that many professionals frequently ignore and/or don’t acknowledge because there aren’t any PHYSICAL bruises. It wasn’t until my son was born that I realized what was going on.

We came back to my hometown of Minden, Ontario. It’s about 2 1/2 hours north of Toronto. I’d had numerous jobs in the past (hair stylist, production worker, tech support agent), but nothing that really spoke to my heart that I could do at the time. I had always wanted to take a course in fibre arts. Since I had practically nothing after fleeing the relationship, I felt I had nothing to lose. I chose my former jobs based on what everyone else wanted for me and/or what was the “safe” route. Look where it got me. So I fulfilled my life-long dream and took the Fibre Arts Program at Fleming College in the fall of 2011. It was certainly a challenge between being a single mom to a then 3-year-old and taking a course that was 2 semesters compressed into one. But I did it! I was hoping that it would help me zero in on one particular medium, but that totally blew up in my face! That’s where I was introduced to spinning and re-acquainted with weaving (I have a 42″ floor loom and no floor to put it on!).

While I do enjoy crocheting and knitting, along with the other fibre arts mediums, spinning is my passion. I am currently enrolled in the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners (OHS) six year Spinning Certificate program.

Thank you for dropping by. I hope that you’ll learn something new, find some inspiration and/or get a laugh or two.


11 thoughts on “About L’il Ol’ Me

  1. Hello. I am so glad I found your blog. My knitting was also taking over my Facebook. I look forward to following your projects. Judy

    • I find your posts interesting and inspiring πŸ™‚ I don’t get to swing by as much as I’d like to with just having an iPhone and limited bandwidth… But I’ll be following more (and probably more vocal! Lol) once I get the Internet here πŸ™‚ Kyla

  2. I’ve looked at some of your projects, and they are Beautiful! You are a wonderful knitter, and you knit socks! That’s my goal.

    I also went to your blogroll and got confused with “Lost Needle” which had nothing to do with knitting, or sewing, or anything textile. I see you are also into computers, so is that another of your own sites? I’m so curious now.

    Thanks for visiting Whimseytopia. I am at a point of frustration with socks that could become a medical problem for me. It’s an obsession, I think. If I don’t complete a sock soon I may stroke. OK, maybe not really, but I do want to get “good” at the sock! Be a SOCKER! I heard that term somewhere.


    • Thank you so much for visiting! πŸ™‚

      Is there a particular part with sock construction that is causing you problems? I found this website to be VERY handy: http://www.knittersreview.com/article_how_to.asp?article=/review/profile/070719_a.asp My beloved Granny Girl had taught me when I was 16 (I had a boyfriend at the time whose toes were always cold… The things we do for puppy love! Lol), but I had lost her directions. This site has some really good photos too. I’m a visual learner and I was able to get this quickly. I hope this helps!

      As for the computers, you’re the second person that has asked me today if that’s what I do/am going to do. I’m taking that as a sign! I’m going for the title of “Jane of all trades” and computers do interest me. I taught myself how to design web pages and make graphics. So I think computers are in my future.

      The “Lost Needle” included me on their blog roll, so I returned the courtesy πŸ™‚ I haven’t been able to keep up to date on reading blogs since my computer is mad at me and my iPhone takes so long to load. I was at my mom’s yesterday when I surfed in on your page. My presence will be known once I get back online fully! Hehehe

  3. Oh, I clicked too soon. “I’m” going to subscribed and keep up with your posts. I also wonder if this is a business for you. You have so many projects going. Do you take orders? You must be really, really good then. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure to be back. Patsye

    • Hi Patsye πŸ™‚ Thank you for subscribing! You have arrived in my little corner of the world at a very exciting time as you can see! My school endeavor is something that I’ve wanted to pursue since I first heard about Fibre Arts after I had taken an aptitude test nearly 19 years ago! I just decided that it’s time to follow my dreams. I took the “safe” road until now and all that did was cause depression and get me into one heck of a mess!

      I have been taking some orders, but I’ve had to close the order book because I don’t want to have things pile up while I’m in school. My course is two semesters crammed into one. Add in a VERY active three year old and I won’t have much time for anything else. Once I finish school, I am hoping to launch a website, get an Etsy boutique going and a Facebook page.

      My speed has increased over the last little while. I don’t know where it came from, bit I’m not complaining in the least! I think it may be the bamboo needles… I have developed an almost unnatural affection for them! Lol Maybe bamboo needles are the trick to those elusive socks! (and the link I posted in another reply… Here it is again: http://www.knittersreview.com/article_how_to.asp?article=/review/profile/070719_a.asp)

      Happy stitching!


  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to follow my blog! I have tagged a large majority of my posts, so if you’re interested, just type in knitting and/or crocheting in the search box. I also kept very good notes of my experience with the Fibre Arts program through Fleming College. I shared quite a bit of what I learned there, so that may be of interest too πŸ™‚

    • Oh my goodness! Hi Patsye! I’m still alive and kicking. Just been super busy. Aside from my fibre adventures, I’ve been doing a lot of pet sitting – I stay at peoples’ homes while they are away and look after their pets. I didn’t expect it to take off the way it has, but I’m very happy about it! Anyway, I have been trying to get more organized and get back on the blogging track. A LOT has happened on my fibre adventures, so now I must catch up! Hope all is well with you!

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