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Stitchin’ Up a Storm!

The title of this post reflects the weather here today. We’re getting blasted with snow, which I really don’t mind. It’s about time winter got here. It’s been really mild so far. There are some that SHOULD know better that decided to plow a rink on a lake with a municipality truck yesterday. Did I mention that it was that town’s fire chief? The police have said that the lakes aren’t safe yet, so…. I’m just going to scratch my head and be thankful for where I live!

If you check out my blog from time to time, you will probably notice that things have been awfully quiet around here. I really need to come up with a way to update my blog with a hook or needles in my hands! LOL

I’ve been keeping up with my Dishcloth-a-Day Challenge. I dropped off my first 5 on Tuesday! I’m almost half way done #11 πŸ™‚

Any new images I post are going to be watermarked after what I saw not too long ago on Facebook. I admit I spend quite a bit of time on Facebook (well, not as much these days!). I ran across this one business owner who had her images stolen by another page and the thief was claiming that the work was hers and that she had patterns for sale. The victim doesn’t use patterns, she does everything from her head. This thief has done this before where she has stolen others’ images and claimed the work for her own. She was contacted privately and nothing was done. So the victim went over to her page with a lynch mob because that was the ONLY way to get anything done. This poor woman was chastised by a group and some other people for doing so! I would have done the same thing if nothing was done! There were some other page owners that stood up for her. I thought that these were the kind of people I want to have at my back if somebody ever did this to me (God forbid!), so I “liked” their pages. Ironically, Jen, the woman I’m pattern testing for, was one of those that had her back πŸ˜‰ So after this, watermarking all the way.

So speaking of pattern testing, I have crocheted more hats in the past week and a half than I ever have! Jen is cranking them out and doing a beautiful job! If you want to give it a whirl yourself, each picture is linked to where you can purchase the pattern πŸ™‚


I will post more photos when I have time.

I have an order for a Strawberry Shortcake hat. I can’t wait to bust into that one! I HAVE to get that sweater finished first though. I’d better back away from the computer and pick up some needles πŸ™‚


My first pattern: Easy Knit Ribbed Wrist Warmers

Easy Knit Ribbed Wrist Warmers


Set of four 5mm (8 US) double-pointed needles

1 ball of Red Heart Boutique Magical (Top Hat shown in picture)

Needle for sewing in ends

Please note: Given the nature of this yarn I did not use a gauge. The gauge suggested on the ball of yarn is 16 stitches/20 rows=4” using 5mm (8 US). Also, if you use the yarn listed about, the texture will vary and you will end up with a different look for each warmer

Size: 8” around wrist (With using the ribbing stitch, this will work with a wide range of wrist sizes. If this is too big, you just need to put on less stitches. I would suggest starting by cast on 1 less stitch on each needle)

Wrist Warmers (make 2)

Cast on 36 stitches (12 sts on three needles). Join in round. Mark beginning of round if desired

Round 1: K1, P1 to end of round

Repeat Round 1 for 9 1/2” or desired length

Thumb Opening:

On next round, cast off the first 4 stitches (32 sts remain). K1, P1 to end of round. Turn. (Do not join in round) K1,P1 to end of row (back to the 8 remaining stitches on the first needle). Turn.

Repeat these two rows once more (4 rows total)

K1, P1 to third needle. Knit in rounds from here on out. Cast on 4 stitches on the first needle at the beginning of the next round (there will 12 sts on the first needle again)

Complete rounds for 3” or desired length.

Cast off loosely. Sew in ends.

You may use this pattern to sell finished items as long as you provide a link back to my page (KARMA!). If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact me at keepmeinstitchezAThotmailDOTcom You can also find my page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/keepmeinstitchez and my blog at https://keepmeinstitchez.wordpress.com. If there is a pattern you would like to see, knit or crocheted, feel free to contact me and I’ll see what I can do! (You will be given the first opportunity to be a tester for that pattern and will get it at no charge!)

Under the weather, but still stitching

The night before last, I had my behind handed to me via a stomach flu. I’ve also been experiencing a lot of acid reflux because there has been some garbage going on in my personal life. Acid reflux is my body’s way of protesting. Needless to say, I didn’t get that much sleep that night. Yesterday was pretty much a write-off, except that I did have my little man to myself all day πŸ™‚

I didn’t get my dishcloth done yesterday. I do have that extra one that I have done, but I’m going to try to save it. My goal for today is to make two dishcloths, but if I get one done I won’t beat myself up.

I managed to get a pattern test finished for Crochet By Jennifer. This hat pattern is called the Gracie Beanie. It comes in sizes from newborn right up to adult. The size I tested fits me. And of course it’s purple!

Fits like a glove!

This was the first time I had ever crocheted cables. Jennifer explained it so well. The other thing I’m noticing about her patterns is how she includes links to various websites for stitches that people may be unfamiliar with. I can tell she really wants her customers to succeed at these patterns. It’s great to see somebody who genuinely cares like that!

The pattern isn’t released yet, but once it is, I will provide a link for it.

I’ve also tried my hand at writing a pattern myself. I decided that I wanted some wrist warmers made out of Red Heart Boutique’s Magical. They did have a pattern for gauntlets, but I didn’t like how it got looser up the arm. So I figured I would try to make my own. They are super easy, but hey, it’s experience writing a pattern, right? I’m hoping to get that posted today. I want to take pictures of the wrist warmers, but I’m not quite sure how to do that (my 3 1/2 yr old little man hasn’t quite developed his photographer’s eye yet. Oh, and I don’ really want him dropping my camera!). I’ll figure it out πŸ™‚

Day 6 – A Brand New Chapter

I have made the executive decision of writing down only the events of the day I wish to remember. I have released the rest of them. Today I will always remember it as the day a LARGE amount of negativity left my body and a new, positive energy came in IMMEDIATELY to replace that emptiness. It’s like a feeling of home. Like I actually got to witness part of my own healing today. I am so thankful that it was a very positive energy that jumped in.

I spun for the first time EVER.

With a wheel and a drop spindle. There were actually two spinning wheels in class. One had one pedal and the other one, Wendy’s own spinning wheel, had 2. I figured the 2 pedals would be confusing. Not at all! When I sat down at it, I just melted into it. I showed Wendy my samples of what I had spun. She said that they were pretty good for a first try (she also mentioned that she wished she had have kept her first ones. I am SO keeping mine because this is just the beginning of something so beautiful for me). The very first wool I worked with was the stuff that I had dyed on Mother’s day. I cannot put into words how that felt… To spin wool I had dyed and hand carded (which she also complimented me on!). I am really excited about the way it feels to knit with it. And then to see it being used by a happy recipient. That is absolute bliss!

We’re going to be weaving on Friday. We also have class on Saturday this week. I am very grateful for that. And then the next weekend is birthday weekend. Looking forward to Chinese food and chocolate cake. The real chocolate cake, not the generic, flavorless stuff at the buffet. Just saying…

Day 4 – Signs

Today started really early. I wanted to make sure that I had my paper done so that I could work on my first “art for the sake of art” piece.

When I got to school, I started on my piece which was due at 2 pm. I had made that paper yesterday which I had intended on using. I had also brought in some items that I believe I received as signs from my friend who has passed (see “If you don’t have anything good to say…”). I was going to incorporate all of them into the piece, but something didn’t feel right. I decided to ask Fay about it. Of course I wasn’t looking for her to tell me what to do. What I did want to know is where do you begin to sort out what goes where. She also suggested if something didn’t feel right for this piece, that I could do a series of pieces. I thought that was a wonderful idea! She also suggested that I may want to write a poem to him or about him. So I did. I will post the picture below and explain it. I just want to wrap up the rest of the day’s events.

So today was the last day that Fay will be with us until further in the course. I am sad to see her go. She is such a wealth of information and inspiration. I thanked her for helping me this week and for listening to me. I told her that it really did help me and that it meant a lot. She gave me a hug. She is a person I would love to spend more time with. I would love to see more of her technique – art and spiritual. She is another person who “gets it.” I LOVE hanging out with people like that!

I went to pick little man up at the daycare. He was in a much better mood today. It sounds like he was doing better. I took him to the grocery store. He wanted to get an orange and an apple. Just when I was about ready to pull into my garage, Mom showed up. She asked me if I wanted to go out for pizza. Considering I was beyond exhausted, I took her up on it in a heartbeat. Little man was pleased that he got to spend some time with his Grammie too. I really am so grateful for Mom. I wouldn’t have been able to do this course without her. She is helping me so much. I love her beyond words!

Here is the piece dedicated to my friend, unofficially dubbed “Signs”:

The background was wet felted. I chose red and white because my friend was the MOST patriotic Canadian I ever had the honour of knowing. I wrote and hand stitched a Haiku for him:

Thank you for the signs
I feel you are beside me
Always in my heart

The other parts of this piece are items that I (and a few others) believe are signs from my friend.

The REALLY interesting part of this whole thing… When I was presenting this piece to my class and explaining what the signs meant, a single light blew. There was no power surge. Fay just looked over at me in awe. I think there may have been a couple of my classmates that were freaked out a little. I’m not scared. I am really amazed at just how strong his spirit is coming through. I’ve experienced signs from my Granny Girl shortly after her death, but nothing this strong. I am so grateful for each and every sign. I just hope that he doesn’t think that I’m holding on to him and he’s staying for my sake. If he has to go, I am ready to release him. That was one of the points of this piece.

I am quickly learning that there is more to art than I ever thought. I have learned that there is a spiritual side to it. When I say spiritual, I’m not talking religion. I’m referring to getting in touch with your soul and giving it a chance to get up on the soap box. When I was writing that poem and working on that piece, I kept getting chills. To me, that was an indicator that something unseen is pleased with what I was doing.

So that concludes my first week. Now it’s time to unwind. I’m thinking a Big Bang Theory marathon is in order. Tomorrow… Spending the day with my little man πŸ™‚

Felted phone cases… Stepping out of the box

The felting needles have been going pretty much non-stop since yesterday afternoon. I have completed an iPhone case to my satisfaction. Now I just have to test it. It’s really simple to make, but it is time consuming. With that said, it didn’t feel like it took any time to make at all. I have lots of ideas of how to embellish them. I just have to make sure that they’re not going to fall apart first! I have confidence in my skill… I just don’t know if there’s a right or wrong way to do this. At this point. My answers are on their way…


Just had to throw that in…

Anyway, I now have two complete. The other one I’m going to use as a template. I have decided I am going to take a shot at making a purse. I’m loving this!

Here’s what I have of the phone cases so far:

One of the coolest things about this… I did the on my own without a pattern! This is a big thing for me because for some reason, I had it in my head that I can’t create things without a pattern… I lack the imagination. Guess not, eh?

Here we begin πŸ˜‰

And we’re done with sweater 1

After some unexpected events over the past week, I was able to finish the sweater and deliver it this morning. It brings me such joy and excitement when I can use my skills to bring people joy and excitement and making gifts from the heart for them to give.