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The Yarn I Said I Was Going to Get

Well, I did it. I splurged and picked up some quality sock yarn in colours that I like! Whether or not I keep them all, I don’t know. Doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I have yarn!! WOOT!! And the opportunity to try out some new patterns to see what works best.

On a related note… I bought the yarn at V&S here in Minden. It feels good to support local businesses. I’ve spoken to the owner. He is so nice. He does really well keeping his craft dept. prices competitive. I didn’t realize this until not too long ago. If you go out of town, by the time you factor in gas money, is it really worth it? There are some things that are. But I’ve learned to not automatically assume that bigger centres have better prices. Yes, there are some shops here in town that price gouge. They’re the ones who ruin it for the ones that are trying to stay competitive. I have been making a conscious point that if I run across a good local deal, my Facebook friends know about it:-)


That’s It! I’m Getting Some New Yarn in the Morning!

I’ve been on sock-knitting fire since I got sick last week. I finished a pair for Norm (they were his very first homemade socks. He felt really special!). I then decided that I needed a pair myself. I have been knitting socks for over half of my life and I have never made myself a pair!

For some reason, it just sort of dawned on me that I could make them the way I wanted to! I don’t really care for high socks. I always wear ankle socks. So why not knit myself a pair of ankle socks?

That’s one of the boundaries that I’ve been working really hard on pushing… Thinking outside of the box. I’ve never really experimented or ventured far from instructions. The Sew Resourceful pilot (local artist/instructor Darby Bayley in particular) helped me to realize this. It’s okay to do your own thing. In fact, it’s encouraged! I’m kinda deviating from my sock subject. I will post about Sew Resourceful and my recently acquired outside the box thinking at a later date 🙂

Back to my socks…

I made the executive decision that I need to knit MYSELF another pair of socks or two. I think I deserve it. And I could be my own living billboard. I’m almost finished the first pair. I don’t particularly care for the colours, but they’re mine. That’s partially the motivation for tomorrow’s pending purchase. I’m always going out and buying material that suits other people to make something for them from the heart. I think it’s high time I treat myself with that kind of love and respect.

I think tomorrow’s trip to V&S is not going to be a cheap one!

How It All Began (and where it’s possibly going)

I just joined a Facebook group called BiStitual (the name just cracks me up!) One of the things that came up was how and when we started knitting and crocheting. I think this is a very good place to start my blog. I’m going to include sewing too. That’s why I chose Keep Me in Stitches. It doesn’t limit me to just one medium. I also hope that it conveys that I have a good sense of humour too 😀

My Mom taught me how to crochet when I was 9. I’m not too sure what brought it on. It could have been that I saw her crocheting and I wanted to be just like her. I remember going to White Rose in Unionville and her buying me 4 balls of lavender yarn and 2 balls of white. She also bought me a hook and a book with the stitches. I don’t think we had a project in mind. I think she got it expecting me to just toss it aside as any normal child would do once they grew wary of it. I remember her teaching me in the front porch of her bulk food store. She had me make a swatch with all of the stitches. She showed me the “correct” way of holding the yarn. I got bored of this and wanted to move on to bigger and better things. I found a granny square afghan in the book and wanted to make that. I think I surprised Mom with my determination! I ended up running out of yarn. I wanted to get some more, but she tried to explain to me about dye lots and colour numbers. There was a chance that we may not be able to get the same yarn again. Not too long after I ran out of yarn, we just so happened to be to Unionville again. We went into the very same White Rose. We found the yarn in a clearance bin! I entered my first afghan in the county fair when I was 10 and everyone accused me of cheating and having Mom make it for me!

My Granny Girl taught me how to knit, but just the basics. She didn’t venture too far from socks and mittens. The rest I taught myself. I was a figure skater when I was a kid. I wanted one of those fair isle sweaters in the worst way. Mom couldn’t really afford it at the time, so I set my mind to make my own. She was reluctant to buy my the $15 kit, but she finally caved on my 14th birthday. I dove right into it. I found it difficult, so I did take a break. After a few months, I picked it up again. When I got to the yoke, I found that one sleeve and the back was knit very tightly. I ripped it out and did it again. I had it finished for the next skating season. Along with another one!

The first time I ever sewed was at Granny Girl’s house. She didn’t let me sew very much because she had a treadle machine and she was worried about me getting hurt. She did let me use her pinking shears to cut fabric (after she passed, I got those pinking shears). My first real taste of sewing was in my clothing class in high school. I LOVED that class! I made a sweatshirt that I still have and wear to this day just for the fun of it. I made my prom dress for my project. I still have a lot to learn and I’m looking forward to it!

I am currently taking a course once a week called Sew Resourceful. I sew in my ‘Kycave’. It’s not very big, but it’s my very own space. Whatever mood I’m in is what you’ll find me stitching. I knit and crochet when my little guy is up and playing. I can watch him and still be productive.

The next step? I am on my way (hopefully!) to the Fiber Arts program at Fleming College this coming fall. What am I planning on doing after I graduate? Truthfully, I have no clue! That’s the point of taking this course. I am going in with an open mind. For all I know, I could be starting a career involving something I’ve never even heard of. I am so excited!

No matter what direction I take, there is going to be some sort of stitching involved 😉