Score One for Mother Earth – Plastic Bags With Purpose

I seem to be on a roll with moving forward in my life. I’m tying up loose ends, getting some of the closure I’ve been seeking for a very long time. So since I’m on a roll, why not take this exciting energy and do something I’ve talked about doing for a long time? Today I’m preparing to spin yarn (or “plarn”) from plastic bags.

I have a whole bunch of milk bags that I’ve been collecting, so I’m going to start there. I doubt I’ll get to spinning it today, but I am going to be cutting the bags up.


I am going to ply it with something. What that something is, I’m unclear of at this point. I have a few ideas. I’ll know better when I get the plastic portion spun up.

Score one for Mother Earth!

UPDATE: Two hours later…



2 thoughts on “Score One for Mother Earth – Plastic Bags With Purpose

  1. Thanks 🙂 I think it’s going to be fun. I know I’ll have a heck of a lot more space under my sink LOL The bags I’ve been working with are milk bags and they don’t have any handles. I don’t know if you have a plan for cutting the bags up, but here’s what I did: I fold them in half three times. I cut off a thin strip along the bottom to get rid of the seal. Then I cut 1/4′ strips (if I was making straight plarn without spinning, I’d probably make them wider than that). Then I loop them all together.

    You know what else would be fun and funky? Chip bags turned inside out 😉 I’m not much of a chip eater, but I bet if one was to put a call out on ye olde blog or Facebook, I’m sure somebody would step up.

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