Play time :-D

I saw a bracelet that another fibre artist did that really inspired me. I liked the fact that it was thicker and adjustable. So I decided to make my own version.

This peacock blue roving is really talking to me. It was my first book cover and now my first bracelet. For some reason, any of my great brain waves involves this colour.

I got out the embroidery thread and played around a bit too. I have an amazing book that shows a lot of different stitches, but I’m not quite sure where it got to. I bet there’s an app for that though… For the stitches and possibly for finding my book! Lol

Anyway, I’m almost done this one except for reinforcing the eyelets and threading a ribbon through them to attach it to my not-so-dainty wrist. I’d like to get metal eyelets but they didn’t have any here in town. That’ll be for the next one. Unless this one works 😉

So here we are…




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