This past week has been CRAZY!!!

I did work on the other stretchy rainbow sock. I got into the groove so much that I actually did two pattern sets (8 rows) more than I was supposed to! Lol

A friend of mine called me up. She works at a nursing home. They used to have a quilting program there for the residents (putting that thought on the back burner because I’d love to help start that up again someday). There was a couple of bags of fabric they found when they were cleaning and were going to throw it out. So she asked me if I wanted it. Uh, YEAH!!! When I opened it up, I found some pillows that just need some more stuffing and be closed. The big one is that there is a tie-down quilt that just needs binding. So I’m going to finish them up and donate them back 🙂

I also spent from Tuesday afternoon and the rest of the evening filling out a bursary application for funding for school. Yowza! I had to get some support letters to attest to my situation and why I need the money. It just blew my mind how willing people were to write these for me and the absolutely wonderful things they had to say about me. I am so grateful for the support that I have received, particularly in the past 2 yrs. I won’t go into great detail at this point (but may down the road), but can you believe that my baby boy and I were living woman’s shelter 2 yrs ago at this time?

My little man got sick on Friday. I was supposed to be taking off for a wknd of scrapbooking fun, but that didn’t happen. He is feeling better now, thank goodness. So much so that I’m feeling that the word “why” should in fact be considered a four letter word…

Today I plan on finishing up the toes on a few different socks. Then I have to finish up working on a sweater repair. I’m hoping to have it done for Thursday’s Sew Resourceful class. Another busy week ahead. I really do love the fact that all this “busy” is positive. Yep. Life is good 🙂


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