I’ve really gotta stay out of stores with yarn…

So I had some time to kill…

Yeah, that’s always when it happens! Lol I was up in Haliburton for an appointment. Mom wanted me to print off some pictures while I was up there. I had to wait 20 mins. So I wandered down to Jan Knit’s Studio…

Oh my goodness! The yarn that she has is BEAUTIFUL! She was so friendly too. She was showing me how to knit beads into a scarf. We had a nice little chat. I think that may become a hangout when I start school 😉

I hopped into V&S and picked up another ball of sock yarn. I saw some new Boa yarn too, which really excites me! I also got some more fabric for another batch of RSD Awareness Quilt patches.

Right now I’m still repairing that sweater. I have recently discovered that I need colour. I don’t enjoy working with black at all. That’s going to be phased out!

Better git ‘r done… So I can rip into my new yarn! Lol


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