Fibre Arts Program here I come!


I received a confirmation email and an acceptance letter dated March 4, 2011 (which also happens to be my son’s birthday) that I have been accepted to the Fibre Arts Program at Fleming College starting in September!!!! To say that I’m excited is a serious understatement!

Do I know what I’m going to do with it once I’m finished? Nope. That’s the whole point of going! I’m following my heart and my passion. A career that I will love and stick with will present itself when it’s ready.

It’s been a crazy week around here. I managed to get 11 patches done and sent for the RSD Awareness quilts. I sent off some bibs that I made. I’ve been working on socks too.

I’ve taken a new approach to sock knitting. I have Crafty ADD. I sometimes get bored easily. One of the many reasons I’ve got a ton of UFO’s flying around here (hehehe…pun!). So I’ve decided rather than fight it, I will embrace it. As mentioned in a past entry, I went out and bought a bunch if yarn to make some socks. I will knit a sock out of one colour and finish it. Then move on to the next colour. “Technically” I have finished a project (in my mind anyway) once I have finished a sock. I am on sock knitting fire these days. And that’s probably why. And now you have an idea of what it’s like inside my head! Lol

RSD Awareness quilt patch

Crafty ADD


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