On the Wheel Today: July 16/15

This one really excites me. I was inspired by some wool I was given a few summers back. There were a few more colours in it, but I’m loving these three. 

The fleece is Corriedale from Crow Hill Farm. It was a raw fleece – I have posted “before” photos when I was doing my spinning assignment. I then washed it and dyed it. I ran it through my drum carder and added some sparkle. I am spinning “z” with the intention of Navajo plying “s”. My plan is to keep the long sections of colour.  

Lilac/pink/lime green Corriedale - keepmeinstitchez.wordpress.com

Loving the lilac, pink and lime green!

I’d had this sitting in my stash since the spring. Between combating the heartache/anxiety of my son being away and Wendy fanning the flames, this needed to be on my wheel. This colour combination makes me smile.

I’m hoping to have this spun and plied to show the spinning students tomorrow. They all went to town yesterday with dyeing. It was magical to see! So it is my intention to fan some flames myself. I’m learning from the best!


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