On the Wheel Today

I’ve got some of Louet’s Northern Lights on today. This is one of my favourites to spin (except for the discolouration of my fingers).

I’m spinning my singles “Z” (for optimal crocheting) and I’m going to Navajo ply it. 



5 thoughts on “On the Wheel Today

    • Thank you! I don’t spin cotton yet. I’ll be doing it at some point in the course that I’m taking. I’m one of those who go with what I know and have the resources for. I’m not ready to try it yet and I don’t really want to waste the money on fibre until I get some instruction. I’m looking forward to it though!

  1. I had always heard that for crochet it was more optimal to spin S and ply z. Do you find differently? I don’t crochet so for me it’s theory.

    • I always spin counter clockwise which I believe is S; I don’t know why and have no real reason except that it is what went natural for me. I also crochet but I really do not know if spinning S would be more optimal for crochet or not; really never gave it any thought.

    • I’ve only crocheted a couple of projects with my handspun (takes wayyyy more than knitting), so the jury is out on this one for me. My mentor said the other day that there really is no evidence, but it is debated a lot. I’ll just have to find out for myself.

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