Day Four: Bags Of Fun

Day Four (Thursday 14th May): Bags Of Fun.
Time to delve into that most treasured collection of tools, notions and oddments as you are asked to spill the contents of your knitting or crochet bag, caddy or other method of organisation and put your crafting unmentionables on display.

You may wish to talk about your bag of crocheting tools as a whole, or delve deep into the contents of your knitting caddy and talk about the contents each in turn. Good, clear photography can help readers familiarise with your tools, and you might just help someone find a new item for their wish-list if they are awe-struck by your pom-pom maker.

So here are the contents of my toolbag. This thing goes with me EVERYWHERE. It’s the first thing to be packed when I’m away from home. It comes with me to pick up my son from school. I have it in the car just in case when I’m not stitching! I’m not necessarily fond of the colour, but I do like the clear part so that I can see what’s in it. I’ll be sad when the zipper gives out on it or it cracks. I’ve been using this for a few years now. I’m not even sure when I started using it!

My Toolbag -

My Toolbag

My Toolbag Contents -

My Toolbag Contents

1. Darning needles – I HATE sewing in ends (don’t we all?!). But these needles make it a little more pleasant. I don’t use the green one all that much, but I use the other two all the time. They have a plastic loop at the end (rather than the traditional eye), which makes it super easy to thread your yarn through. I got these ones at Walmart.

Darning Needles -

Darning Needles

2. Flashlight – You know, but cause you never know when you’re going to need one

3. Knitters pins – These are the handiest, dandiest little things! I use them for positioning applique, amigurumi, sewing pieces together, markers… They have a blunt end, so they’re fine for carrying around in your work bag. Mom got these ones for me at a yard sale, so I’m not sure where they can be purchased. I think Knitpicks may carry them. Totally worth the investment!

Knitters pins -

Knitters Pins

4. Pens – Yes, multiple pens. Because you always need a pen. Or two. Or somebody else does.

5. Stitch Markers

Stitch markers -

The various styles of stitch markers I use

6. Scissors

7. Flash Drive – I keep my pattern library on here as a backup to my computer

8. Measuring Tape – I’ve had this measuring tape since my first knitting project

9. Hooks – Of all shapes and sizes! I mostly use the purple polymer clay handle hooks in the photo

My hooks -

My hooks – the pink and purple were my first attempt at polymer clay handles. The others I purchased off of Etsy

10. Buttons – These guys found their way into my bag and just never found their way out LOL


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