Fire Truck Applique by The Perfect Knot

As with all true professionals in many walks of life, they strive to grow and improve upon things like technique, skills and communication. Reputable crochet pattern designers are no exception.

Michelle from The Perfect Knot decided that her fire truck needed an update. When a designer does this, I have even more respect for them that what I initially had. To me, this shows that they really care about their customers, they’re committed to their art and the feel a responsibility to continue to improve upon something they have already put out there. I think that really shows the human side of things (before I started pattern testing and getting to know designers, I thought they were a super-human species above us mere yarn-loving mortals, unapproachable and up on a pedestal. How wrong I was! I think there’s going to be a post somewhere about that at a later date… LOL)

So after Michelle did some tweaking and refining of the pattern, here are my results:


I think that turned out awesome! I’m very pleased with the results and that couldn’t happen without a great pattern!

You can purchase the fire truck applique pattern by clicking here. As mentioned on the listing, it is under revision (which how I came to do this test), but she will be sending out the revised version soon. If you already have a copy, be on the lookout for an update.


5 thoughts on “Fire Truck Applique by The Perfect Knot

  1. I am a beginner spinner and I just love the art but still have so much to learn. My favorite color is purple and I think it would be interesting to see your freshly dyed purple fiber spun up.

      • Oh I can’t wait! I’ll be watching for your photos for sure…I just bought 4 oz. of Merino that is gray and green. I’m not sure whether I want to spin it thick or thin but I’m hoping to make a scarf with it!

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