Angelina Pixie Bonnet (made with my handspun!)

I’ve been running around like a headless chicken lately, but I’ve been able to sneak in a few pattern tests. The test for Crochet by Jennifer’s Angelina Pixie Bonnet came up while I was pet sitting. Of course I didn’t have my yarn stash with me and I was in another town where I was unsure of where to find the yarn store(s) (I didn’t look because let’s face it… I have more than enough yarn to last three lifetimes!) So woe is me… I had to bust into my handspun. Don’t worry. I survived.

So here is the hat that I made. As with all of Crochet by Jennifer’s patterns, this one was easy to follow and well-written. It may be a bit of a challenge for the absolute beginner, but a challenge is always good.

Angelina Pixie Bonnet

I wanted to include a photo of the yarn I used. This one is one of my favourites to work with. I think it’s just so amazing to see the transformation from fluff to finished item!
Angelina Pixie Bonnet w_yarn

I’ve been doing my best to use up the yarn in my stash before I dive into my handspun. It’s getting harder and harder though. I think it’s mostly the colours that’s making it difficult. I’m seriously considering having a yarn de-stash…


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