Day 2: Wool, Wool and More Wool!!!

Harriet and Beth were with us again today. We were learning about grading fleeces and what to look for when shopping for fleece. Wow, who knew there was so much to know?! Well, I guess I had an idea that I didn’t know much, but wow… LOL We learned what to look for in course, medium and fine fleece. Staple length. What makes a good fleece, what makes a not-so-good fleece…

We also talked more about one of our upcoming assignments. Over the next 2+ years, we need to put together a sheep breed book. We’ll need to have photos of the sheep along with a sample of their fleece and some other things. I’m rather excited about this assignment. Not only will I be learning more about sheep and their fleece, but I will have an awesome book that I will be able to take with me to spinning demos and just have in my library for reference.

I’m not sure if I mentioned, but yesterday we did some washing experiments with fleece. I was so inspired that I came home tonight and washed that Dorset fleece that I was given. It’s drying right now… I can’t wait to work with it!


Analyzing a fleece


As always, Little Mickey and Pooh are with me. They were a great help when it came to grading this fleece. Pooh was impressed by the crimp. Little Mickey liked the staple length. They can’t wait to share their new-found knowledge with Goober when he gets home hehehe


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