Day 1: Wheel Maintenance and Learning About Sheep and Wool

Well, I’m still in awe that the time has finally come! This course was but just a dream when I first heard about it three years ago. It’s just so surreal… I have FINALLY figured out what I want to do when I grow up!

There were some familiar faces between the teachers and the students. I’m very happy that I’m taking the course now while Wendy is still teaching it. I enjoy working with new teachers (and I had two fabulous ones today!), but it’s also nice to go into this learning more from the person who was there the first time I ever sat down at a wheel.

We started off with Wendy and wheel maintenance. Since she’s such a thorough, excellent instructor, this was more of a review for me. She started me off in the right direction so many of the things that she taught us are second nature to me now. Like taking the belts off the whorl and bobbin to help better preserve them. She also told us about an assignment we’re going to have to do about spinning wheels. I’m a little nervous about that, but I know I’ll get through.

We started off by doing a bit of spinning. I was kind of out to lunch, so I spun a little thicker than I should have (I was pet sitting all week and sort of all over the place). Oops!


Spinning Blue Faced Leicester

Next we moved on to learning about fleece and sheep with Harriet. I only hope I can learn even half of what she knows! I also had the honour of meeting Beth. It’s so wonderful to finally get to put a face with these names that I’ve been hearing for the past 3 years.

In the photos below, we’re looking over some fleece. We were to rank each fleece (to ourselves). Then tomorrow we will come back and revisit them after learning more about grading them.



It was a good first day!


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