This One’s for You, Da Mama

I NEVER have any trouble sleeping. In fact, I’m usually asleep before my head hits the pillow. Tonight I even have the opportunity to sleep in one of the most perfect places in the world… In the peaceful quiet of country, windows open, rain gently falling, breeze coming in the open windows, under a down duvet. Perfect recipe for me for a peaceful night’s sleep.

And I’m wide awake.

Maybe it’s because I got 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep the night before. That NEVER happens. I’m usually lucky to get 6 with my busy life. I think the real reason though is that I got some yummy fibre on my wheel earlier this evening. That would do it for me.

That, and the fact that I only have FOUR MORE SLEEPS!!!! Four more sleeps until I get to move on to the next leg of my dream.

Before Mom passed away in November, she told me she wanted me to have my Christmas gift early. She NEVER let us have so much as a clue in past years. But deep down she knew she wasn’t going to be around to give it to me. I was dumbfounded that evening when she told me from her hospital bed that she had paid for Level 1 for me. I knew she was supportive of me, but I had NO IDEA that she was so supportive of my spinning. I had no idea that she saw how much peace it brings me. She knew that I was going to need something to keep my fire going after she was gone. And she knew just what to do. As always.

She also knew that if she made me promise that I would finish all 6 years of the course, that I would see it through. She didn’t even have to tell me that she wanted me to go all the way and get my masters. That goes without saying.

She knew that I have intentions to do great things with this gift she has given me. When I get to kick back and look at the certificate I will be getting, it will be one of the greatest ways I can honour her.

Well played, Da Mama.

I’m going to put my all into it. I’m going to be the best damned spinner I can be. I’m going to continue to document my journey so I won’t forget a moment. I’m going to work hard to perfect my skills so that I can pass this knowledge on to the next generation. Mom has helped me help keep the art of spinning alive.

Every piece of yarn that comes off my wheel will have a piece of her love in it. She helped make this happen. She helped keep me going through one of the darkest times I’ve ever gone through in my life.

I’m dedicating this course to you. I’ll make you proud Da Mama.


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