Crochet Pattern Review: Diagonal Weave Halter by Crafting Friends

Last week I finished testing the Diagonal Weave Halter by Crafting Friends.


Tutu option, size 6

dw top

I will be adding a tutu to this one as well. It’s a size 10

I am in LOVE with this texture! And when I added the tutu option to this pattern, my inner child just squealed. Kate has done a wonderful job explaining this stitch. There are also clear photos to help you through as well. Even though the instructions are very well-written, I would suggest this pattern to a more experienced stitcher. Her explanation of how to do the skirt is clear, yet leaves room for thinking outside the box. I used an H hook. The yarn I used was Sirdar Crofter Fair Isle Effect Chunky (NOTE:This yarn is NOT the kind of “chunky” that I would call chunky… I did a WPI test and it fell more into a worsted weight category). I really enjoyed this pattern.

I would certainly suggest this pattern to a friend.

These dresses will be available for purchase very soon at the Kinmount Artisans Marketplace


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