Crocheting 101:Patterns Featuring Single Crochet

As promised in my previous post, Crocheting 101:The Stuff You Need to Know Before You Pick Up a Hook, this post is going to provide a roundup of links to patterns featuring the single crochet stitch (sc). You will find the chain stitch (ch) in there as well (I don’t think I’ve run across a pattern without it). Some patterns are free, some you will have to pay for. Some are very easy, others are a little more zesty.

Crocheting 101:Patterns Featuring Single Crochet

  1. Catnip Pouch Cat Toy by Simply Collectible Crochet (free)
  2. Easy Camisole by (free)
  3. Simple Rainbow Bracelet by Jessie at Home (free)
  4. Keychain Bag by Posh Pooch Designs (free)
  5. Playin’ Hooky Disc by Playin’ Hooky (paid)
  6. Simple Single Crochet Hat by KT and the Squid (free)
  7. Lips Applique and Cozy/Koozie by Simply Collectible Crochet (free)
  8. Boricua Patriotic Infant Baby Tank Top by (free)
  9. Color Me Happy Kerchief by Jessie at Home (free)
  10. Tuxedo Baby Top and Short Set by (free)
  11. The Graph Beanie by Playin’ Hooky (paid)
  12. Bob’s! Easy Tweed Blanket by KT and the Squid (free)
  13. InfantJogging Suit by (free)

I hope you enjoy the links! I’ll be working on putting another stitch-themed post together really soon. Thank you for stopping by!

I have been asked to provide tips on reading patterns. This request came after I had started putting this post together. It would make sense to have a post addressing this, but I wanted to get moving with the single crochet post because I know there were some people counting on it. I will backtrack and go through some of the features you will find in a pattern. Look for this post coming soon.


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