Chart Maker Sites

An online friend had asked a question about where she could find free software to make a chart for filet crochet. One thing I pride myself on is searching for things on the world wide web. I’m pretty good at it… It’s not too often that I can’t find a link to help somebody out. I’m pretty stubborn though. Some things take longer to find than others, but I don’t generally give up.

As I was searching on my friend’s behalf, I discovered that all I needed to send her was a link to a chart maker. Easy peasy! I had used a wonderful one to create a custom hat for a customer last summer. So I figured I would share my discovery just in case anyone else is curious.

The first one I found was from Tricksy Knitter. I’d have to say that this one is a personal favourite. I was able to create an account, make my chart and then save it to a PDF or print it off if I chose to.

The second on is an online generator. This one works just as well, but you’ll need to have an image ready to upload. It’s called Knitpro 2.0

Happy charting!


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