Spinning: The Next Generation

I am honoured whenever somebody asks me to do a spinning demo. Especially for a group of kids. I love excitement of seeing their little faces when they get to experience something that is no longer “ordinary”. I think back to 6 year-old Kyla and how bright her eyes were when a teacher brought in her loom for the kids to try. That right there is why I do demos… How different would it have been if I hadn’t have got to touch that loom? Would that spark have ever got ignited?

I wonder how many sparks I’ve ignited?

I’ve had a busy week this week with 2 demos. Pictured below are the Kinmount Brownies. I also did a demo today for a group of parents and kids who home school. The photos below are courtesy of Lynne Kilby, leader of the Kinmount Brownies. She was kind enough to share them on the Kinmount Artisans Marketplace Facebook page. Thanks Lynne!

kinmountbrownies04_14 1
kinmountbrownies04_14 3
kinmountbrownies04_14 4
kinmountbrownies04_14 2


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