This Little Piggy Met the Tooth Fairy

I am so blessed to have a very full order book right now! I guess there’s a reason though. I work hard around the clock and I put my heart and soul into everything I make. There are times though, life has a tendency to throw in some little curve balls where you have no choice but to deviate from the task at hand. But I don’t feel too guilty when I do have to do that because I spend a majority of my time stitching. If this were a traditional job, I would be putting in 60-80 hour work weeks for less than minimum wage. I justify what I do though by reminding myself that after an 8-hour day, I think I’ve earned the right to work on the projects I want to. Many times I just want to keep going with my orders anyway. But like I mentioned at first, things come up.

Last night my Sweet Pea was sitting in the tub, playing. He informed me that he had a loose tooth. I knew the day was coming because last week I noticed his adult tooth had grown in behind it. But I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that it could be coming out any day now! We tried dental floss, but it kept on slipping off his tooth. Then I took a page from the book of Da Mama… I remember one time she had grabbed on to my loose tooth and wouldn’t let go. She tried to get me mad at her. And then she told me to hit her hand. Hit it hard. I didn’t want to hit my Mama, but I did what I was told. And out popped my tooth. I remember the both of us laughing our heads off after that. I shared this story with my Sweet Pea and he decided he wanted me to do that. So I did. And in keeping with tradition, we laughed our heads off too.

The next thing that popped up was: What do we do with this tooth? I had a glass Tooth Fairy holding a little bag where I put my lost teeth. But do you think I could find her? I have a feeling there was a reason for that though… I think there was some Divine Intervention at play here. When I went to Ravelry to find a pattern for a Tooth Fairy pillow, I already knew which one he was going to pick. His beloved Grammie LOVES pigs. She collected them. So it was only natural that that is the one he chose. He told me that he thinks Grammie would love him.


The pattern for Preston the Pig can be found here.

When he went to school today, he was one proud, excited little boy!

I have noticed Bonita’s Patterns Crocodile Stitch Boots being posted all over Facebook recently. I actually have a pair to sell in my stash, so I’ve put this up on my Facebook page in hopes that they will find a new home soon.


Finally, I finished up a pattern test today for Crochet by Jennifer for her Diagonal Weave Diaper Cover. I am in LOVE with this texture!
Diagonal Weave 6-12

Now I’m off to spend a rockin’ Friday night finishing up some more Minion hats 🙂


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