Got Energy Vampires?

Last night an internet troll decided to attempt to cause some problems on my Facebook page. It was clear that she was trying to start drama because if she wasn’t, she would have messaged me privately. I did type up a response to her. And then I deleted it. I don’t have the time or energy for losers like that. Mom’s passing is still pretty fresh on my mind and I would rather put my energy into trying to heal and move forward than get into a pointless battle with somebody who clearly has nothing better to do than troll peoples’ Facebook pages.

NOTE: The word “loser” is not one that I use often or use lightly. But when you go into somebody’s personal space like that to cause drama, that’s a label I will slap you with.

So after banning this person, I posted this:

If you’re planning on posting on my page with the intention of causing drama, just keep moseying along because you’re wasting your time. I will not tolerate it and you WILL be banned from posting. If you came into my store with those kinds of comments, you would be escorted out. It’s no different online. We don’t do drama here, plain and simple. Thank you.

A kind soul messaged me with some words of encouragement. One of the things she said was to not let the energy vampires drain my creativity. I told her I should make a garlic necklace. And I did.


I remember my Granny Girl telling me that the best way to retaliate when somebody is trying to pull you down is just put a BIG smile on your face. I get that now. It pisses them off that they didn’t succeed with their pathetic attempts at pulling you into their vortex of misery. And it also leaves them wondering what you’re up to next.


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