Little Mickey’s New Hat

My Sweet Pea was gone for most of the month of August (and he was NOT happy about that, but we didn’t have a choice). I missed him like crazy. I threw myself in my work and that’s when Minion Hat Mania hit. It was very fitting because he LOVES the Minions from Despicable Me. Every time I worked on a hat, I could see him smiling.

I always try to do special things for him. Especially things that make him laugh. He has giggled non-stop about the Minion hats I made for both of us. So I figured that his beloved Little Mickey should join the club:


He went crazy when he saw this! And I giggled the whole time I made it!

I’m so glad that he appreciates the things that I make for him. He thanked me just last night for a hat that I made for him over a year ago. I hope his appreciation for handmade items carries on through his lifetime. I sure it will 🙂


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