Day 5: Plying the Week Together

I’m trying very hard to not be sad. Today was our last day for the course. I am VERY grateful for the timing and the opportunity that I had to take this course in the first place. I am grateful for the amazing women in my class and especially grateful for the two FABULOUS instructors that we had. Their teaching style was quite different from each other and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from both of them. THANK YOU Wendy and Karen. You have both inspired me more than you’ll ever know. You have expanded my spinning toolbox and with that, my place of balance, coping and meditation.

I didn’t take any new pictures today because the new stuff we covered was all theory. We did work on some more combing and worsted spinning this morning though. And then in the afternoon, we “dissected” a completed project. That means that we had to take a guess at what kind of fibre was used, what kind of spinning (worsted or woollen), what the item was used for, how many plys the yarn was… I even tried to figure out the pattern of the shawl I was looking at 😉

So what did I take with me this week?:

*document EVERYTHING if you ever plan on replicating your spinning
*worsted is my favourite way of spinning (although I think I want to master the long draw too)
*I LOVE Navajo plying and the term “Navajo plying” is politically incorrect (but do you think I can remember the “correct” term? I THINK it’s 3-ply chain…)
*THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX WOMAN!!!!!!!! Okay, so I have all these beautiful colours of commercial corriedale fibre around my house, but did it occur to me to blend them to get more pretty colours?
*I need mini combs. And a drum carder.
*I AM going to be taking the OHS Level 1 next August. I’m not going to worry about how I’m going to pay for it. I just KNOW that I’m taking it.
*according to Wendy, I’m a “Zen spinner.” She commented on how relaxed I was when I was treadling. That was really great to hear… That’s what I’m trying to achieve and that’s the kind of energy I want to put into my work.

There is a lot more that I learned, but those are the biggies. This course was just so amazing. I would definitely recommend it to anyone! I’ve always been excited to spin, but this week just renewed my fire. On top of that, it also showed me that I know more and I’m more skilled than what I give myself credit for.

Thanks again, Wendy and Karen 🙂


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