Day 3: More Colour Play and Worsted Spinning

Wendy was with us in the morning. We finished up the work with colour and did some more spinning.


Alpaca fleece

Sheesh, I’m sort of dropping the ball on taking pictures! I had spun and plied that alpaca fleece (pictured above) and did get a photo of the end result. I’ll TRY to remember for tomorrow.

Karen joined us in the afternoon. She’s amazing! Her teaching style is different from Wendy’s, both of which I like. She too is a fountain of knowledge, with a lovely, bubbly personality that makes you want to learn more! She raises Shetland sheep. I loved listening to her talk about sheering the sheep and how the “bratty” ones would come over to “help.” I would love to see that! LOL

So Karen showed us worsted spinning and the long draw for woollen spinning. Quite interesting. I think I’ve fallen in love with worsted spinning, although you have to prepare the fibre differently. It’s all VERY interesting. When you spin worsted yarn, it is tighter and sleeker. Woollen yarn is lighter and airier. Both types of spinning definitely have their time and place.


The picture above is a fleece from one of Karen’s sheep. That’s as raw as it gets! We’ve spun some yarn from her sheep and I’ve really liked it.

We ended the day with a trip to Marty’s! WOO HOO! (for those who haven’t seen me mention Marty’s, it’s the local store that has roving, spinning supplies, yarn, health food and lots more… AWESOME store!!!). I picked up a couple of bags of vibrant pencil roving (damn you Louet for not making it anymore!) and a gorgeous braid of black, purple and gold roving. That should keep me busy for awhile!


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