Selling Those Adorable Crocheted Lovies for Little Ones? Did You Consider This?

I’ve noticed a LOT of “lovie” patterns for sale and free on Craftsy and Ravelry. There are so many cute patterns out there! I’ve also seen a lot of patterns for Despicable Me’s Minions too (I’m on number 2 for my little guy). One thing I haven’t seen in these listings though is a warning that if you decide to sell these items geared towards children, you’re going to have to follow government regulations regarding toy safety.

When you get into make and selling toys, there are a whole other set of rules and regulations that you will be required to follow. Some people have suggested that you could include a warning that the item is not suitable for children under the age of three. I could see that working, but I would still err on the side of caution and find out what the regulations are in your country. Let’s be realistic here… If you’re selling one of those blanket “lovies,” it’s pretty obvious who your target users are. For your own interests, I would say that it would be well worth your time looking into it. Perhaps a warning like that would suffice. But would it be worth it to find out the hard way?

This is something that never would have crossed my mind if it wasn’t discussed in Sew Resourceful. I consider myself “in the loop” when it comes to such things, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was something that I overlooked. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I’ve heard of people getting their tables shut down at art/craft shows because they didn’t have the fibre content listed on their tags. I’m not sure if they were fined or not (that is a possibility too), but it’s still a bummer after all the work, setup and fees paid to go to that show. And if they’re that strict with clothing and accessories, how do you think they’ll be with something obviously geared towards little ones? Not worth the risk in my opinion!

Happy stitching!

For more information:
Toy Safety (Health Canada)
Toy Safety Standards Around the World


2 thoughts on “Selling Those Adorable Crocheted Lovies for Little Ones? Did You Consider This?

  1. I have only just started selling in a fair and there are so many things to learn! I think the laws a pretty relaxed here, (or at least rarely enforced), but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t make my things as safe and at the highest standard possible. I don’t have anything aimed at children, but I was thinking of making something for them. I will definetly look into what is considered safe for children.

    I know when I was in England spinning in public, I was told by other spinners we couldn’t use raw wool if children were going to touch it. I know here no one would question it, but I do try and use only washed wool when I spin in public.

    So many things to learn! But I love spinning and being involved in the craft fair I am working in. People are so amazed by my spinning. So few people have seen where yarn comes from. And people are so kind, thanking me for showing and explaining.

    Hope your crafting is going well too!

    • Oh wow! I wouldn’t have seen spinning raw wool in public as an issue. That would never have crossed my mind. THANK YOU for pointing that out. I’m going to ask my spinning instructor next week if she’s heard of anything like that here in Canada (before I dive into the research).

      I’m sure the laws are pretty lax here too because I’ve never heard of anyone having an issue. But with that said, I don’t know if I know of anyone selling children’s toys. With all those patterns coming out though, it’s bound to happen.

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself! I’m going to be taking a spinning course next week and then I’ll be doing a demo on the weekend. So much fun!

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