Kinmount Artisans Marketplace

On Saturday and Sunday, I did my “duty” by working at the Kinmount Artisans Marketplace. It’s a co-op. I LOVE the idea of this. I have worked three shifts now since May and I just thoroughly enjoy my time there. I am able to take my work in with me, so really, I’m not doing anything different than I would be at home. Other than interacting with some very wonderful people who truly appreciate all of the work that goes into art!

I’ve decided to write this post to give people an idea of what’s in the Marketplace. So many local people that I’ve spoken to didn’t even know this place existed. Or perhaps they didn’t know the hours or that it was open year round. I’m guilty of that myself. I didn’t know what the hours were until I got my work in there. And I must confess (as I hang my head in shame…) that I had driven right by on my way out of town to do Christmas/birthday shopping. Not anymore!

While I was doing my shift on Sunday, I decided to snap some photos to show a bit of what’s in the Marketplace. You may be pleasantly surprised!



Many wonderful things have come out of being a member of the Kinmount and Area Artists Guild. I started off at the Marketplace. Now I will be participating in the studio tour, the Kinmount Fair and some other community events. I was commenting to Mom yesterday that, for being such a small place, Kinmount sure has a BIG sense of community (especially if you want to compare them to a couple of the surrounding towns). I have been blown away with the support and opportunities that have come with being a member! They want to see you succeed and they will do whatever they can to help you achieve that. I consider myself so blessed! The seed to get involved was from my best friend’s mom and I’m so grateful to her.

So next time you’re looking for a special gift for a special somebody, something to perk up your wardrobe or an addition to your house or cottage, please keep the Kinmount Artisans Marketplace in mind.

And as always… THANK YOU for supporting handmade!


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