Fast Times at the Hali Museum

Today was Spinning Day again! Oh yeah, my favorite day of the month!!! Today we had a spin-in at the Haliburton Museum. It started at 10 and we wrapped up around 2:30. That’s the longest one I’ve been to and it was amazing! I love the spin meetings because I always come back refreshed and armed with lots of new information.

Today Wendy asked if anyone wanted to try a fast flyer. I was nervous because of the name. I figured it would pull the yarn up faster than I could keep up. But I shoved that fear aside and dove in because this was the perfect place to try something new.

Let me tell you, I fell in LOVE!!!! It certainly didn’t do what I expected. With the fast flyer on, I was able to spin really fine yarn. I NEVER thought I would be able to spin that fine! While I was spinning it, I keep thinking “I see sock yarn!” The other option was “I see Bazinga mitten yarn!” hehehe

I’ve also decided that I HAVE to take the spinning course in the summer. So I stopped by the college on the way home to pick up a course calendar and a bursary application. I really want to learn as much about spinning as I can. And what’s more, I would REALLY like to be able to teach people to spin. I want to keep this art alive. It’s brought me so much joy in the little time that I’ve been doing it. I love it!

Wish me luck!


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