Whiny-sinus-infected-crabby Pants Post

Hurray for germs passed around at school! (I’m so hoping you’re sensing the sarcasm there). I’ve been sick for almost 2 weeks now, which is why things have been so quiet here. It started out as a fever and a harsh cough. It’s evolved into a sinus infection. Not just any sinus infection, but the WORST sinus infection I’ve ever had. I went to a doctor last week in Haliburton, but I ended up with a resident quack who didn’t know what the hell she was talking about and felt it was more important to push her personal beliefs on me rather than treat my illness. I think I’m on my mend now even though today my body feels like it went out and painted the town last night and left my soul at home. I was curled up in a blanket last night, so I know my whole being was physically at home. It just doesn’t feel like it.

Mom has gone for another round of radiation this week. I won’t get into too many thoughts on that, but I will say that I really do feel there is more that they could be doing for her than what they are. To those greedy gov’t and big pharma a-holes that are suppressing the cures for the almighty dollar… Karma is a bitch in the case of what you’re doing. I hope you all meet her soon. We’re not not all naive, mindless sheep. I’m going to stop there…

I feel like I’ve lost my crojo, sewjo and knitjo since I got hit with this bug. But this is another one of those cases where I’ve been working away and not noticing it. I’ve made 2 5″ doll outfits for my daughter-from-another-mother. Number 3 is on the hook. The true indicator of how lousy I’m feeling is that I didn’t take any pictures of them. Either that or I don’t want to post any pictures of them just in case somebody asks me to make some. I’m going to be frank here. I DESPISE doing thread crochet. I’m more than capable of doing it and I do it well. I just like my instant gratification and ability to effortlessly hide ends.

I came up with a pattern for a pair of slippers for a friend of mine. I have 1 slipper done. I’m working on a cute little hoodie. I’m very close to finishing a shrug that I’ve been working on. I also have a bag very close to being ready to be sewn which is from an old dress. Now I just have to figure out which project I want to work on. Since I’m at Mom’s for the week, that narrows it down to knitting or crocheting. Right now I just feel like curling up in a blanket and going to sleep. I’m hoping I feel better by the weekend so I can just let ‘er rip.

And this is why I stay off Facebook and don’t update when I’m feeling under the weather. I PROMISE I will have a more positive, uplifting post the next time I check in.


2 thoughts on “Whiny-sinus-infected-crabby Pants Post

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