Snow Angel

An online friend of mine shared a beautiful story not too long ago. She said that she hasn’t had to shovel her driveway at all this winter. Every time she looks out, the snow has been removed. She had no idea who was doing it. One day she had the opportunity to talk to her neighbour. They haven’t lived there for very long and this was the first she got to talk to them. She asked the woman if it was her husband that was clearing her driveway. She said she wasn’t sure, but it sounded like him. She ended up dubbing him her “snow angel.”

One day she was looking for suggestions on what she could do as a thank you. There was talk about a bottle of win or a Timmy’s gift card. Both of which were good ideas. Then I came up with another idea that I could crochet a little angel and a snowflake for her to give to him. So the quest began.

There are a lot of cute angel patterns and cute snowflake patterns available. I didn’t really see anything that spoke to me. Until tonight. I thought this sweet little pattern was perfect!


Icicle Angel pattern by Judith Prindle

I’m going to be popping these in the mail by the end of the week. I can’t wait for her to get them!


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