KyCave 2.0

I made the decision earlier this year that I needed to move the KyCave upstairs. My laundry room is tiny. There’s hardly any light. It’s cold (I could turn the heat up, but why pay to heat more space when you don’t have to?). I’m isolated. On top of that, my Sweet Pea is now at the age where he knows not to touch things I tell him not to. He’s always been very good about it, but this Mama Bear wasn’t taking any chances. I also think that if he sees me being creative with a different medium, that may help expand his creativity. The other bonus is that it would give him more space to colour and draw since I won’t have my work scattered when he’s around because of pins, needles and that fun stuff.

I’d been rearranging and organizing quite a bit last week. Today was the day to jump in and move the big stuff. I’m Very excited about this! My poor sewing machine hasn’t really seen much action since early last year. I have all these ideas floating around in my head. I acquired some vintage dresses from my Granny Girl’s basement. They are just dying to be re-purposed. Now it’s time!

The hard part about rearranging and getting rid of old clothes? Rather than seeing clothes, now I see projects LOL



I still need to organize stuff and get my fabric stash neatly placed under the table. This is a good start. I should be rockin’ the machine by the end of the week.


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