Spinning is the New Garlic

There are some pathetic individuals in this world who thrive on sucking the energy out of others. I’ve seen them referred to as “Energy Vampires.” I think this is a perfect description. They do everything in their power to drain you of your energy. They believe this puts them in a position of power over you. If you allow them to do it, then that’s what happens. It’s certainly an easy thing to do if your spirit has been weakened enough to attract those sorts of monsters into your life in the first place. They will target ANYTHING or ANYONE that empowers you. They will try to turn loved ones against you and often use them as pawns in an attempt to bring you down even further. They will attempt to discredit you and say slanderous things about you to anyone who is willing listen. They are smooth talkers and master manipulators. Why do you think you allowed them to attach themselves to you in the first place? Depending on how much power you’ve allowed to be sucked away from you, quite often they are successful at all of this. You then find yourself alone, completely at their mercy. Once you’re onto what they’re doing and stand up to them, they bump their sick little game up. They will stop at nothing in an attempt to keep their hold on you.

Unfortunately, I found myself in a weakened state once upon a time and attracted one of these ruthless creatures into my life. And as I said, once I understood what was happening and tried to shake it off, they pulled out all the stops. Since I’ve moved on they have found new victims to feed off of, but they still try to feed off of me and will use whatever they can to do so. My energy is even more attractive now because it’s the most positive it’s ever been. Energy vampires really don’t like this because this means that they have failed at their mission and they’re losing their bite on you. That spurs them on to try even harder to suck this more precious commodity away from you. Energy vampires can’t stand to be proven wrong and it’s even worse when they lose a victim.

But do you really think I’m going to give this creature the satisfaction?


With what this soulless  monster has been targeting in my life, they are expecting me to shut down like I did when their fangs were fully buried in my energy field. Entities like this don’t seem to change over time, but they seem to forget that other people do. Quite often their victims bounce back even stronger than they ever have been. I’m no longer a victim. They just haven’t figured that out yet.

The best way to deflect their ongoing attempts at weakening your spirit is to carry on and do whatever you need to do to help maintain your positive energy. Sometimes this is not an easy thing to do, especially when you see the pawns they drag in to try to use against you. But hey… Even if you end up being happy out of spite, you’re still holding onto your power. They want you to shut down. Don’t give them that satisfaction.

So how am I arming myself and fighting back?



Spinning is the new garlic. This is how I’ve been warding off the attempted attacks. I’m sure it is assumed that I’ve shut down, I’m depressed and all those other lies that have been concocted. But guess what? A person in the state of mind that energy vampires try to put them victims into wouldn’t be able to accomplish things like this. Their drive to do anything is completely gone. I know this because it has happened in the past. Oh no… What’s going on here? The vampire is trying to tell everyone that I’m still in that same state, so what am I doing spinning yarn? That just plains “sucks” doesn’t it?

So yes, spinning is the new garlic. It’s better than a knitting needle stake through the heart, right?



2 thoughts on “Spinning is the New Garlic

  1. They’re out there . . . masquerading as ordinary people. They may lurk in your office, your family, your circle of friends; perhaps they even share your bed. Chances are, you know all too many of them. Bright, talented, and charismatic, they win your trust, your confidence, and your affection, then drain you of your emotional energy. But take heart as you walk through the darkness, it doesn’t have to be that way — the more you know about vampires, the less power they have over you.

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