Note to Self…

Sometimes I’m amused with my train of thought.

I decided that I needed to do some spinning because I’ve got a couple of people wanting yarn (I’ve been dealing with a sick little one and fighting it off myself all week, so I really wanted to spin). I have a box that I was keeping roving in for my current project. I already had it ready to spin. I believe the term is attenuated. I didn’t really want to take it out of the box because there is no way that it would fit back into the original bag. I then remembered that I had a yarn order in the car that had arrived on Tuesday. I didn’t bother opening it because I didn’t need the yarn right away. I figured that box would be perfect to put the roving in for the spinning project I was going to work on.

As I opened the box, it occurred to me that I had ordered a grab bag of yarn in addition to the yarn I needed. It was only $7, so why not? I kinda kicked myself that I forgot that I had ordered it. When I opened the box, to my delight, there was some purple yarn! (purple is my favorite colour and has been for as long as I can remember) Not only that, it was yarn that was made out of polar fleece. Now I was REALLY kicking myself that I didn’t open the box sooner!

I decided that I’m going to make myself something out of this yarn. It’s like they knew I would love it! If I had have had a choice of yarn, I would have grabbed this in a heartbeat. I’m making a hat right now. I’m hoping there’s enough left over for some fingerless gloves and a cowl. Even just the hat would be wonderful.

I did do some spinning tonight, but I decided to spin up the wool that was in the original box. I went through all this when I didn’t need to since I was spinning the roving in the first box. Feel free to smile and nod or just shake your head.

Note to Self: ALWAYS open a box of yarn. You may have ordered something you forgot about.


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