A Random Act of Kindness… The Pay Back :-)

Two months ago, my son and I received one of the BIGGEST random acts of kindness anyone could ever ask for. If you want to catch up, here’s the link.

Today was my son’s followup appointment (this time there was no vomiting and he arrived with his glasses 😉 ) After what this kind soul had done for us, I felt compelled to do something in return. So I decided to make her daughter a Spiderman hat. It just occurred to me last night at about 11pm that today was his appointment. So I figured I would challenge myself. And sure enough…

I have to say that I am rather proud. I don’t know if I could always crochet that fast, but I did when it counted!

The ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL news of the day… My son doesn’t need surgery! The glasses are working like a charm and all is well. We have to go back every 6 months, but I’m totally okay with that!!!!

If you would like to make a Spiderman hat of your own, check out this link.


6 thoughts on “A Random Act of Kindness… The Pay Back :-)

  1. Im so happy that there are still Angels watching over us all when we truly need them ❤ So happy to hear about your boy not needing surgery!

  2. Thank you! I mean, if it would help him then we would have gone through with it. I’m just so grateful that we didn’t have to. He will have the option when he gets older to have corrective surgery to get rid of the glasses if he wants. But that will be his decision, not mine.

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