I’m in LOVE with these patterns!

Yep, totally in love with Jen’s patterns! The are so easy to follow. She puts references in there that a lot of designers don’t. Many just assume that you know how to do everything. Jennifer really wants you to succeed. Aside from notes and links, she’s always just an email away 🙂

So here are a couple more patterns that I have tested for her:

Lily Newsgirl Beanie

Katrina Cloche

I fell asleep last night on the couch, so I didn’t get everything done yesterday that I wanted to. I’m not going to beat myself up about it though. I’ve done more stitching in the last 2 weeks than I think I ever have! Today I finished yesterday’s dishcloth. Next I will be taking Little Man out for a walk to get some lunch (he REALLY needs some fresh air and some running!). I’m not sure if I’m going to have a nap today or not. I have been staying up late working, so I may set that as my schedule. It’s funny because I find it easier to stay up really late than I do to get up early and do the same thing. I REALLY want to get that sweater finished up. And I’ve had a few requests for some items. I love it!

On another note, I’ve received some comments in my Spam folder. I suspect they are spam. I just hope I haven’t deleted any legit ones. Some of the ones that I have been getting have talked about how they like my blog, but it seems really generic. I do apologize if you have commented and it’s been legit. If you want to make sure that your comments are included, please make sure they are specific to that particular post. SPAMMERS, YOUR COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED SO DON’T BOTHER WASTING YOUR TIME OR MINE.


2 thoughts on “I’m in LOVE with these patterns!

  1. What cute hats. I will have to learn how to crochet. It is popular here, (more so than knitting I think).

    And aren’t those spams weird! I get some strange ones too, so at least your not alone, 🙂

  2. Truthfully, I find crocheting quicker and easier than knitting. If I had to choose between the two, I would say that knitting is my preference though. When I get crocheting really quickly, I end up getting rope burn! LOL

    Glad I’m not alone with the spams… I just hope that I haven’t deleted any legit ones!

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