Stitchin’ Up a Storm!

The title of this post reflects the weather here today. We’re getting blasted with snow, which I really don’t mind. It’s about time winter got here. It’s been really mild so far. There are some that SHOULD know better that decided to plow a rink on a lake with a municipality truck yesterday. Did I mention that it was that town’s fire chief? The police have said that the lakes aren’t safe yet, so…. I’m just going to scratch my head and be thankful for where I live!

If you check out my blog from time to time, you will probably notice that things have been awfully quiet around here. I really need to come up with a way to update my blog with a hook or needles in my hands! LOL

I’ve been keeping up with my Dishcloth-a-Day Challenge. I dropped off my first 5 on Tuesday! I’m almost half way done #11 πŸ™‚

Any new images I post are going to be watermarked after what I saw not too long ago on Facebook. I admit I spend quite a bit of time on Facebook (well, not as much these days!). I ran across this one business owner who had her images stolen by another page and the thief was claiming that the work was hers and that she had patterns for sale. The victim doesn’t use patterns, she does everything from her head. This thief has done this before where she has stolen others’ images and claimed the work for her own. She was contacted privately and nothing was done. So the victim went over to her page with a lynch mob because that was the ONLY way to get anything done. This poor woman was chastised by a group and some other people for doing so! I would have done the same thing if nothing was done! There were some other page owners that stood up for her. I thought that these were the kind of people I want to have at my back if somebody ever did this to me (God forbid!), so I “liked” their pages. Ironically, Jen, the woman I’m pattern testing for, was one of those that had her back πŸ˜‰ So after this, watermarking all the way.

So speaking of pattern testing, I have crocheted more hats in the past week and a half than I ever have! Jen is cranking them out and doing a beautiful job! If you want to give it a whirl yourself, each picture is linked to where you can purchase the pattern πŸ™‚


I will post more photos when I have time.

I have an order for a Strawberry Shortcake hat. I can’t wait to bust into that one! I HAVE to get that sweater finished first though. I’d better back away from the computer and pick up some needles πŸ™‚


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